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05-24-2010, 03:07 PM
Hello all, I've been browsing these forums for the past year or so, but only registered late last year and have posted a handful of times. I am a patient of Doc Victor Hasson, and underwent my procedure of 3800 grafts in December of last year. I just hit my 5 month mark in my hair restoration journey. So far my results are looking great, a vast improvement from where I started off, but I have some questions..

Will all the grafts that have been transplanted into the recipient site end up growing and surviving? I'm finding that my hairline is still lagging behind a great deal in terms of growth, in comparison to the rest of the recipient site. While the the new hairline is quite visible, it still lacking a great deal of density. Can i expect the front to fill in? I realize that I am still early in the growth cycle, but am concerned that I might not see any additional growth. I've attached some pics, please comment.

05-24-2010, 03:16 PM
That looks amazing man. Amazing...

Seems everyone that gets hair transplants go from worse than me, to better than me! I envy you :)

You made a great choice and did what needed to be done.

05-24-2010, 03:18 PM
As for your question...I have no idea I am a newbie to all of this.

I think it looks really natural right now. Such a great improvement. I assume the doctor intended to place the grafts in a way to present less thickness to the front and more towards the middle etc. To look more natural..and it does.

You could always use dermmatch if you really are super greedy man. But it looks great.

05-24-2010, 03:41 PM
'KeepTheHair', thanks for your comments. I agree that my progress to date is leaps and bounds ahead of where I started from. It was truly the best decision that I could have made, and has been money well spent. :)

Based on where the grafts were implanted, I am under the assumption that hair would pop out from there, but nothing yet. While the doc did mention that he'd put the singles in the front of the hairline and doubles right behind it, its still looking somewhat weak. According to what I have read on multiple of websites, they say that the fifth month is generally when the 'magic happens', so I'm hopeful that I'll see additional results this coming month and the ones to follow. Yeah, dermatch is an option, but I think I will be able to do without it? Here's where I started from.. eek!

05-24-2010, 04:28 PM
Your hair looked way worse before... very good now.

haha man, you don't need dermmatch. But I am a greedy hair loss sufferer these days. I think even if I could have afforded a HT i would still use dermmatch when going out but only a little bit. It makes hair look amazing.

Anyway, 5 months is definitely not enough for a HT's full results if you ask me. Give it some more time :).

You chose a good doctor. Good work man.

Dr. Glenn Charles
05-24-2010, 07:31 PM
Very impressive work as usual by Dr. Hasson. I would expect some improvement up until 1 year post-op. Keep in mind that it will look more natural if the very front of the hairline is a little less dense, because adult men usually do not go from forehead to a wall of thick hair. There should be a small transitional zone with many randomly placed single hairs.

05-25-2010, 08:04 AM
I agree with the other posters- your results look great and very natural. Don't forget that you are only five months out and can still expect to see some more improvement over the next seven months.

05-31-2010, 11:20 PM
Thanks for the input Dr Charles and CIT_Girl. While I agree that the results look good so far, and very natural, my question is whether if hair will actually grow in the areas where it was transplanted. If you take a look at my second pic, it shows that quite a few grafts were placed by the front of the hairline, but I am yet to see any major growth there. Again, I understand that I'm really early in my regrowth journey, and that all change in the months to come, but remain skeptical since it seems like all grafts that were transplanted have already grown out and are beginning to mature..

06-01-2010, 07:55 AM
did you get a FUE transplant? If not, how is the scar in the back of your head?

06-01-2010, 10:49 PM
No, the surgery was a FUT. The clinic that I went to only performs FUT surgery. The scar in the back is healing well, I can trim with hair down to a #3 guard and the scar can barely be seen. However there is some areas where the scar has stretched..

06-02-2010, 06:48 PM
Do you mean FUT? Your results look great so far!

06-05-2010, 12:25 AM
Sorry, I meant FUT. The results are looking good in pics, but the hairline is lacking some real density when seen in person... we'll see what the coming months bring..

Dr. Glenn Charles
06-06-2010, 02:51 PM
Stay patient. The hairline can see continued improvement for several months. Depending on your desired density you could always do a little touch-up in necessary. Also, avoid excessive flexion of the neck for up to six months post-op. This can put additional strain on the donor area and can still have an effect on the final scar.