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05-23-2010, 10:55 AM
Hey all,
My name is Ori and im 26yo guy from Israel.
i've been losing my hair for 7 years now, i tried everything within my powers to prevent it, i went on the propecia for 6 months but my mpb is too aggressive + i had sides so i decided to drop the pill, i cant use rogaine because im allergic to it (i tried that and almost ended up in the hospital) Im currently NW3-4 and thinning extremely in frontal area, my temples are gone dead,
I really tried to ignore it, tried to work inside my mental mechanism but recently i came to realization that no matter how hard ill try ill never be happy with my balding head. i go to collage and im the only one in my class who suffers from hair lose, i barely have friends but the ones i do are very close to me (i guess i can thank my hair lose for being a good filter when it comes to socializing lol) i feel so alone in this, i only have my mother to support me but i dont want to let her know how i feel, she is a single mother and raises my 2 young brothers all by herself.
i feel beaten, usually i dont give up on things that i want, but losing my hair was a devastating experience for me and my ego. ofc girls wont give me a second look, not only im balding like f***, im very depressed about that too. if you knew me in high school you wouldn't you wouldn't believe it the same person, i was so vital back then, so eager to do things, to go out, to meet people, 7 years of losing hair changed me 180 degrees. i would never in a million years go back to be that happy shinning person i used to.
im sorry for this i just needed to take it out in a hope someone can relate to this.

05-23-2010, 11:39 AM
I relate 100%.

Sorry to hear another sad story...but it is always good to know I am not really the only one going through this crap. I am only 20 and my hair is garbage...

There is hope man, just stay strong.

05-23-2010, 12:19 PM
Your story is very common so donít think that youíre alone. This is the best place in the world to find people who understand and to get some hair loss therapy:) You should listen to Spencer Kobrenís show on Sundays and call in for his advice. He was the only person who helped me put things into perspective and it has changed my life. Iíve learned to become a happy person even through I hate that my hair isnít that great. Since youíre in Israel you can watch the show at www.thebaldtruth.com
Iíve been a big fan for years and I always recommend that new guys listen, itís become an important part of my week and helps me when I get depressed.