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05-19-2010, 10:57 PM
Hi everyone! I am 22 and have been experiencing hair loss since I was 16. At 16 I seen a dermatologist and was prescribed a cream(I don't remember what it's called), but after about a year all my hear grew back. I had one bald spot towards the back right corner of my head, about 2 inches wide shaped as a circle.

*I am the only person in my family that has this problem, therefore I don't think it is hereditary. *

At 22 I am experiencing this problem again. This time I have many little bald spots all over my head; two on the back of my head right about my neck, two on the left side of my head above my ear closest to my face, one right about my forehead, and several just all over my head. My scalp always seems dry and itching. I am thinking about using rogaine, but I am very hesitant.

Advice please..

05-24-2010, 07:47 PM
hey you said there are a lot of bald spots. it doesnt sound like your hairloss is genetic, rather disease related (since your doctor prescribed you a cream). There are no creams for genetic hairloss that are FDA approved (to my knowledge), only to treat skin disorders such as ringworm which im guessing is what you might have. go see a doctor/dermatologist asap!