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05-19-2010, 06:43 AM
I've been using Rogaine foam once a day for about 18 mos. with limited results. I'm considering starting to apply it twice a day. Is applying it twice a day really going to make that much of difference? I was using it once a day to try and keep my hair from becoming too dependent on it. Also how long do I have before the Rogaine becomes ineffective? I read one study says results only last 48 weeks? I realize proprecia is a better option but I don't think I could risk the sides. Is topical spiro even worth the effort? Has anyone ever had noticable results with spiro?

05-19-2010, 08:17 AM
The manufacturer, Pfizer, does specifically state that it will be less effective if used only once a day. However, I've also read from independent sources that using it once a day is almost as effective because, when topically applied, it has a half-life of 22 hours in the skin.

You should see the greatest benefit with Rogaine within 5 months to 2 years and it should gradually decrease in effectiveness after that point. Long-term use should, however, cause you to lose hair at a slower rate.

I understand that a lot of men are reluctant to try Propecia because of the reported side effects but, as you said, results tend to be more impressive with this drug.

05-19-2010, 09:30 AM
I disagree with you CIT_Girl.

Minoxidil does not technically lose it's effectiveness.

Minoxidil does not "lose its effectiveness". It helps recruit new hair to join and stay in the anagen phase for about 2-3 years in the average person. After that it only keeps them that way. With the continuous damage caused by DHT and balding cycle minoxidil will get overwhelmed. But it would not have lost it's effectiveness.

If a DHT blocker(you can use more than a single method, oral and topical) is used, minoxidil will keep more hair in the anagen phase, while the others are being shielded from DHT.

Remember, your hair is still being damaged while using minoxidil. Minoxidil does NOT combat the balding cycle, it merely promotes growth and keeps hair in the anagen phase for a longer period.

rtpatter, Dr. Lee from minoxidil.com recommends you use minoxidil twice a day for the first 2-3 years and thereafter some people get away with only using it once to maintain what they have grown.

I have heard of a few people doing this on other forums, too. I am no expert, but in my personal opinion it is wiser to use the product twice a day.

05-19-2010, 09:55 AM

If you do not inhibit DHT production or androgen receptors your hair will still suffer the daily onslaught that got us here in the first place.

I highly recommend you try propecia. At least try it. I have been using it for a month now and I have had no side effects. I have only noticed my hair is not falling out a lot anymore and it is definitely not getting worse. I am glad I chose to get on the drug, finally. I put it of for MONTHS. Just because some crazy fanatics on the internet told everyone to stay away. It has been FDA approved for safety. I am no doctor or expert but all the evidence points to the fact that the drug's side effects have been *massively* over hyped.

If however you decide not to use finasteride then you could try the following treatments:

Spironolactone lotion - Blocks androgen receptors.
Ketoconazole Shampoo(Nizoral) or lotion - Also an androgen blocker.

I also recommend you rather try the liquid instead of the foam. While the foam is more convenient, it has been shown to be less effective(than the liquid) in the clinical trials done to obtain FDA approval. While you ponder your switch to liquid I would also suggest picking up a minoxidil solution with a DHT inhibitor. There are plenty of new exciting new formulas being made. I personally choose to go with what Dr. Lee makes from minoxidil.com. But you could also consider nanogen's products from nanogen.org or you could try Spectral etc etc....

I personally recommend you try ******* 5% with Azelaic Acid. It has been shown to greatly inhibit DHT synthesis in the scalp if applied topically.

I currently use ******* 15-PLUS which is: 15% minoxidil, 5% azelaic acid and 0.1% finasteride. Whenever I use this I don't use spironolactone, and I use it 12 hours opposite to when I shower with a ketoconazole shampoo, which blocks androgen receptors.

So in summary: I recommend you pick up a liquid version of minoxidil and preferably one that contains a DHT inhibitor or androgen blocker such as azelaic acid or so. ******* is a really good product.

I also highly recommend you use topical spironolactone(5%). It is a great androgen blocker and since I started using it myself my shedding stopped. Others also report this on various forums. There is no proof that it stops shedding, but a lot that it blocks androgen receptors that cause acne and hair loss. It is a great addition to your regimen whether you use propecia or not.

Apply spironolactone after you applied minoxidil. Let minoxidil become partly dry. Use a very thin layer... Both because it is not required to use a lot of spiro and because spironolactone and minoxidil tend to chemically react and cancel out each other and also cause a very foul smell! But they don't react faster than they absorb so it is still recommended that you use them together just not put them into the same solution.

I am no expert...I am just really obsessed about hair loss since it has influenced me in such a negative way.

This is my regimen:


Finasteride 1mg (April 21, 2010)(1mg/day)
Minoxidil 2% (April 13, 2010)(I use a lot twice daily to increase the concentration)
Ketoconazole 2% / salicylic acid 3%(April 21, 2010)(Every morning, 10-50min leave on)
Spironolactone Lotion 5% (May 8, 2010)(twice daily)
MSM(Methylsulfonylmethane) (May 10, 2010)(2000mg-8000mg daily)
*******-PLUS Minoxidil 15%(May 11, 2010)(Use a small amount every other day, just easing into it for a month or 2, I dont want massive sheds)


Retin-A liquid 0.05%
Derma Roller 1mm(will use together with minox 2%)

05-19-2010, 10:04 AM
hey keepthehair hows the rogaine shed going

05-19-2010, 10:10 AM
I overused 2% minoxidi(massively overused). I shed from after week 1 to about week 4...roughly something like that.

Right after I added spironolactone I stopped shedding. It could be coincidence though.

I could get 20-100 hairs on my hand each time I went through my hair in the shower. I could find 60 to over a hundred in the sink when I washed out rogaine. So definitely a shed.

Now I found about 20 in the sink and about 2-5 in my hand when I shower. I am glad this stopped. It got progressively worse and worse and worse, then suddenly stopped instantly. I didn't thin out because of it though(can't notice it anyway). I hope they come back stronger!

Thanks for asking.

05-19-2010, 02:05 PM

I would certainly like to try propecia, however I just can't get comfortable with the sides. I agree that some of the negative post are overhyped. However, I do beleive their is some validity and if your manhood starts fading you are probably going to scream loudly to anyone who will listen. I'm interested in the topical spiro as a DHT blocker to possibly try however I haven't heard of anyone claiming great results from it and the difficulty of managing it and the rogaine seem like it would be hard to maintain. Quite frankly your regime seems like it would be impossible.

Also I thought that the foam was actually supposed to work better than the liquid is this not true. Can you use minoxdil with an added DHT blocker as well as a topical spiro?

I will be very interested in following your progress with propecia

05-19-2010, 11:38 PM
You cannot add spironolactone to a minoxidil solution - they react chemically and degrade each other.

You can however add other things such as finasteride or azelaic acid. Dr. Lee does this.

When you look at ANY of the MANY studies done on propecia you will see the placebo group also reporting the same sides the finasteride group gets...just less. You have to remember there are definitely some men who get "problems" down there anyway and that these statistics will eventually overlap when you give them finasteride and claim it is a side effect.

There is no doubt finasteride will cuase those sides in some though...or make it worse. But it still worth trying out. I am glad I took the drug and I have definitely stopped shedding. I have no regrowth yet though, sadly. Only 1 month though.

You won't have great results with spiro, it will only slow down the balding process. It will not work as well as finasteride since it is impossible to apply it everywhere in my opinion. But it does work.

You can use minoxidil with something like finasteride or azelaic acid separately than a spironolactone lotion/liquid. Apply the minoxidil first and have it partially dry, then add spironolactone. I will warn you though...like I said, they chemically react. When you apply them topically they can't cancel eachother out before they absorb though, so it's still smart to use them both at the same time(minox first). But they do cause a really bad smell! The smell is somewhat annoying, but I just lessen the amount of spiro and fix the problem.

You might not have any sides with finasteride man, just like me. I highly suggest you just give it a go.

My regimen is really easy.. I drink 2 sort of pills and just swap my regular shampoo with a keto shampoo. That part is really easy. Next I just apply ******* at night and rogaine in the morning sometimes. Sometimes after the rogaine I apply spiro. That to me is really easy! I would do a lot more if it meant getting my hair back. So, the only annoying thing so far is the spiro and minox application...since sometimes I apply too much spiro and it stinks! When I add retin-A and use the derma roller...thats when things will start getting crazy. I have some plans for the 6-12 month mark if I don't see improvement. I will add fluridil and perhaps try to get my hands on some dutasteride or so and take the dutas 1/weekly or so in addition to finasteride.

I am crazy/obsessed though.

05-20-2010, 01:44 AM
hey keep, has the occasional ball ache subsided?

05-20-2010, 02:05 AM
Yeah, it was very mild to begin with. No idea if it from finasteride though. I do know it is a common side effect though...

The most side effects I got was/is from minoxidil. I can't use it when I am sick or so. It greatly reduces my blood pressure then and I feel dizzy and nauseous and so on. I can only use it when I feel ok to begin with. Then it doesn't influence me. I can also not use it when and if I plan on exercising.

The money and time we spend on hair loss...

10-10-2015, 10:39 AM
Yeah, it was very mild to begin with. No idea if it from finasteride though. I do know it is a common side effect though...

The most side effects I got was/is from minoxidil. I can't use it when I am sick or so. It greatly reduces my blood pressure then and I feel dizzy and nauseous and so on. I can only use it when I feel ok to begin with. Then it doesn't influence me. I can also not use it when and if I plan on exercising.

The money and time we spend on hair loss...

Hey how is your treatment going after some years?

I am about to start with fin 0,25% TWICE A WEEK as suggested by Desmond. That is to try and avoid the sides. Would you recommend rogaine?

10-29-2015, 02:55 AM
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