View Full Version : The Rise and Fall of my Young Life

05-17-2010, 05:25 PM
Hello guys, my hair loss changed my life for ever.

I'm not going to sugar coat a thing. I am only 20 YEARS old and my hairline has receded tremendously. Before i continue let me tell you about my self. My social life was amazing, all the girls wanted me and all the guys wanted to be me. My highschool years were amazing and my self esteem was through the roof. However at the end of senior year i started to notice that the hair on the top of my head started to thin out. Throughout highschool i had a bestfriend who the women also fell in love with. Me and him had plenty of women and constantly kept playing the field..you know being young. I knew exactly how to speak to woman and had the best "game" ever. Hands down. However ever since i started to loos my hair. Everyone notices and the once amazing man is now a mere shadow of my formal self.

Now i know "looks arent everything" and all that noise. But honestly me being treated special of my looks before i know that looks are more important that most people make it out to be. Its affected everything in my life. My relationships my jobs my friends. All my friends want to go out clubbing every weekend and just pick up chicks from left to right (as i once did) but i feel like things arent the same for me. Im thinking like im 30 and im only 20. I actually had a girlfriend who was gorgeous....we had problems in our relationships like any couple and people would always tell me. "Your young dont stress about relationships u have a long life ahead of you". HOWEVER i honestly think my girlfriend is the best looking girl ill ever get because as the time progresses, the uglier i feel i become. It actually makes me scared to end it with her and date more only because no other woman will like me (a good looking one anyway) I started to cut it real low but it still doesnt seem to help. I want to shave it but a 20 year old with a completely shaved head? Seems alittle off. I often wish i didnt live the superficial live i once live, only now to loose it all and rely everything on looks. God bless you all

05-17-2010, 06:00 PM
Just wanted to say I didn't have exactly the story you had, but I started noticing my changes early on like you and I am 33 now. If you want to read a harsh story check out my post about the wrong way to live in the forum. I have all the personality in the world and I charm people with who I am, but bro I have been to hell and back trying to fix it, and you don't wanna be like me. Trust me. I am in a bad spot right now that is not even the right way to live. I am new here so I don't have a ton of advice but I let 11-12 years go by and it sucked royally and I gave up so much of my life just trying to have hair. If I could go back right now and be your age, I would have shaved it, got myself a damn nice tan, and hit the gym hard to improve my look. I am a personal trainer and I'm built but I can't shave my head today because of all the damage I did back then. It sucks. Take some advice from others and I am sure they will be able to help you. Keep your head up man, you have so much life ahead of you. I screwed mine up and I am paying for it today miserably, don't be like me. I wish you all the best man.