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05-09-2010, 05:01 AM
I have been putting this of because I thought I might just be seeing things. But I am pretty sure minoxidil is growing hair on my forehead. Above my eyebrows. Next to my hairline, also.This might be a really good sign. Dark pigmented small little guys popping up in awkward spots. This is a good thing I think.

I am not so sure about my hairline. First of all. I can't see there as easily. But I think the fact that it works on some awkward spots is a good sign that it might help the others(if I am not deluded about the new growth, which is a very real possibility).

I think I will lay of the *******-PLUS (15% minox) until I have used 2% for a month or 2 more and see what happens. Also, scared of the side effects.I will always discontinue use of minoxidil when I get sick or begin to get sick. Seems that is what caused my sides this time. I have pretty bad seasonal flu.

Today is one of those days I feel optimistic about things...it's a good day.

05-09-2010, 08:00 AM
Actually, you know what.

I am 100% certain there have been some darker hairs in certain areas. I am 100% sure of it, especially my right temple.

How I know is. I first noticed that it got a little more "brushy" a few days ago...so I was like...ok we all have some sort of hair...even on our noses...not a big deal.

So today the hairs have definitely gotten "darker" but they haven't had time to fall out and come to life again as stronger hairs. I don't know why they would be darker like this? They are definitely longer/bigger.

I definitely think this means I might respond well to this treatment. Although I am not sure how badly DHT harmed the precious ones.

The hair I am talking about is between my eyebrow and my temple area. Some random dark hairs are popping up in this region. I actually want them to pop up more a little higher, at my hairline.

But I do think I see some on the way...

I hope this is for real and not just in my head. I know the black ones are for real though. Much more on my right temple than the left...

Time will tell.

(3.5 weeks of 2% minoxidil)

05-10-2010, 01:51 PM

05-10-2010, 04:01 PM
nah but the stuff right above my eyebrow is definitely for real lol. Even now it is a bit more since i posted already.

I have no idea what the potential lengh is these guys can reach or whatever so i am not that hopeful yet, not before i see them grow long.

we will see what happens