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05-09-2010, 02:56 AM
...not to use a concealer!

I have been thinking.

I can use all my money on a hair transplant that might not be successful and will give me much to worry about.

Or...I can buy something like dermmatch. It seems this stuff is recommended by the AHLA. It seems to be very water/wind resistant so it will look good when going out and so on.

Can anyone give me some more information on this? I think something like this will totally restore my confidence...and I mean if a girl is allowed to have 1 inch of make up on...why can't I have a little on my hair? I think thats fair. Spencer has talked about this concept many times on the bald truth radio and I can't agree more. I really think I will look great with this stuff in my hair.

Think about it...if finasteride and my regimen works(halts my losses and creates some thickness)...then this will be amazing! When I go out I just apply a LITTLE amount of it... Not too much...won't be greedy! But it will look amazing.

I am going to take the plunge I think. This stuff can't be that expensive right? What is the cost of using this long term? What drawbacks are there? Like the stuff rubbing off against your hands and clothing perhaps?

This might be a very good option for me...

ps. today is a good hair day for me... I noticed some darker hair sprouting above my eye brow and was like...mhh now I see even more a week later... I think its real. The same thing to a much lesser degree is also happning at my hair line. This might be old hair reemerging or just old hair getting smaller...but it might be something good...it might be. It wont be finasteride though.

Thanks guys.

05-09-2010, 03:00 AM
Let me just make myself clear(regarding the topic title):

NO MATTER WHAT type of hair you have...

I think it is still a good idea to use something like this...I mean...it looks better. So why not? Even if people find out...it still looks good. I think I will definitely do it.

This is giving me some hope. I can do this when i go out for as long as it takes for a cure to come out...even if there doesn't...i will still look great when going out and be confident.

This itself might change everything for me. This might make me prevent jumping into a hair transplant mess.

I am so sure my regimen will at least halt my loss...then I can just apply this stuff...and look amazing again.

This might work...

any info guys..please

05-09-2010, 10:31 AM
I have experimented with Dermatch and while many people absolutely love the product, I have mixed feelings about it.

The key is to not use too much, otherwise your hair starts to look chalky and it actually feels chalky too. The other part that can be difficult is getting a colour that matches your hair. I have even heard of people actually buying two different colours and using them both to get a better match.

I am in the recovery phase of a hair transplant (I had the procedure done three weeks ago), but there's no way I could use Dermatch just yet with all the pimples, lumps and bumps forming on my scalp during the healing process. It just doesn't go on evenly at all under these circumstances!

As a side note, I had ordered mine from a site called folica.com and had a positive experience with them. There are also tons of reviews about the product on their site so I'd have a look at those too.

I think it is worth trying it at least once to see if you like it, especially since it only costs about $30-$35 U.S. and the cost of shipping. The container should last quite a while, obviously depending on how much surface area you are covering.

Bottom line: Try it and if you don't like it, you haven't wasted that much money but you can be satisfied in knowing whether or not it worked for you.

Good luck!

05-09-2010, 11:19 AM
I don't plan on using a lot, if i do get it. From the reviews on that site and others it seems the vast majority love the product. I will definitely give it a go sometime in the near future. :) I don't have that massive hairloss...the thing that bothers me is my hair looks pathetic compared to what it was 3 years ago. I mean absolutely terrible. I can't style it or anything. It's garbage. With some thickening with my regimen and this I think I may get a good look again.

Is there any advice on buying the right color? I have light brown hair. They say something about looking at the color of the base of your hair(at the roots) and then pick that color. I guess that makes sense since it will land on your scalp.

I really don't need to use much. Only a tad on the crown and some in the temple region maybe.I hope it isn't too messy. Some people complain. How messy is it?

05-12-2010, 08:47 AM
I have been using Toppik, and i love the look it gives. but it is messy, but once dry, it stays pretty good. the only problem is i can't sweat, get rained on. im into alot of sports and it doesnt work then, so im certainly not happy about that. ive been looking at all options, ht's, pieces, tattoo. i would like to make a decision about which way to go before the fall. but in the meantime, Toppik is ok for me.

05-14-2010, 10:25 AM
As far as buying the right colour, you shouldn't have any difficulty selecting since there aren't many colours to choose from. If you have really light brown hair, then I'd go with the light brown shade, but if it is deeper in colour, then medium brown would be the way to go. I use the dark brown myself and I find it a little greyish in colour as opposed to brown, but it works out okay. But you are right in that you want to match the colour closer to your roots.

I don't consider Dermatch to be very messy, certainly not when compared to spray products. You apply it with the little applicator they provide in the box (they give you a few of them) which is sort of sponge-like. Myself, I prefer to use a very small makeup brush to apply it. I find it easier.

I hope this helps!

05-24-2010, 05:54 PM
So, I ordered dermmatch for $40 including shipping. Not too bad. I think it will last me like a LOOONG time. I will use a very very slight amount of it.

Who is going to try this with me?

05-24-2010, 05:55 PM
Thanks for the response Plum. Can you post some before and after pics maybe? PLEASE :)

05-27-2010, 01:28 PM
First of all, From personal experience - I have to say the dermmatch is a decent product. I do have A couple comments

2. I do not use the product anymore - I think it comes down to the fact that its still a cover-up type issue...I get that women wear make-up and all but yet for some reason that it is stigmatized for men to wear any type of cover up or 'beauty pruduct...hence why not wear a partial wig?

3. When you do use the product - it will come out when you sleep and consequently you will wake-up with a stained pillow cover. Nothing like waking up beside a girl and they are like WTF?!?! haha. Shower before bed - shampoo takes it out easily...

4. From personal experience - a little goes a long way....wet the applicator or the dermmatch bottle - then do one strip down the center of the head....use your hands to rub it in and spread it around. Then repeat as necessary...You can use a hair dryer to make it dry quicker as for 10-15 minutes if you rub your head it will be all over your hands.

5. Obviously, reviews on their own website will be positive...A smart company will not post negative websites on their own website...

Overall, give it a shot when you dont plan going out....its a process that takes getting a little use to. That one serving last forevvverrr though.


05-27-2010, 06:45 PM
Thanks. Yeah unfortunately there will be some trade-offs. I hope it doesn't smear to much, since that is all I'm really worried about. I will use it in extreme moderation though.

05-29-2010, 05:59 AM
Thanks for the response Plum. Can you post some before and after pics maybe? PLEASE :)

I don't have any pictures at the current time, but perhaps I could take some...BUT I'm not making any promises. :P

06-01-2010, 05:34 PM
I used dermatch for about a year and I do have to say that it was a pretty damn good product. You'll probably want to experment with it to get applying it down just right. It does get chalky but i put a little American crew fiber in afterwords and it muted the chalkyness and looked really good. It doesn't come without limitatons though. As a previous poster mentioned, it will get on your pillow case so that could be akward. It's realitively resilient, I never had much problem with it at the gym, though I wouldn't swim with it. Bottom line, it was a great but temporary fix until I was able to afford a more perminant solution.

06-08-2010, 11:27 AM
I got it today. I had no real idea how to apply it etc. It does come with instructions and so on though. I tried different things. It works much better wet. It dries really really fast.

It does exactly what I want it to to. Thicken up my hair. My hair looks the best it has in like 2 years...

This stuff is amazing. It does tend to rub off unfortunately... I don't recommend touching your hair a lot or have it touched. Also don't go lay down on something white. But it's not that bad. It probably is waterproof also since it doesn't wash off your hands that easily, you need soap. I think it's great stuff.

And I stick with what I said previously. You have to be stupid not to use it. It makes my hair look great. It's easy to use. I am very happy with it. My hair is definitely improving from my regimen. I am seeing some regrowth, but will be a loooong time before those small amount of hair even grow out. But yeah, I think dermmatch is definitely worth the very small price. The stuff will last forever!

06-08-2010, 11:39 AM
Holy shit.

It does look good. Really good. My hair looks great and it's really good for my damn mental health at this point. Geez. Finally.

I am soooooo happy right now. Even without the dermmatch it looked "better" in a way. But with it, it looks darker, fuller and just awesome... styles easier too. Amazing.

Why didn't I use this when I had more hair too? :) It's amazing. Even my friends who have full heads of hair still sometimes have flat hair and stuff due to over washing or something maybe...I dunno this stuff is just amazing actually.

Without the dermmatch I look like I have a decent full head of hair now recently. With it it looks thick again like it did 2 years ago. I can't wait until I have it grown out. I hope I don't experience shedding to come etc.

But yeah, I am a happy dude right now.

At least try it! It's so cheap.

06-13-2010, 04:36 AM
I am sure the product is great but one thing that prevents me from trying those is becoming reliant on them as women do for make up.

I think when you just start to lose hair, it is great way to conceal - a good hair cut can also make a great difference. As hair loss progresses, there's a danger of becoming more reliant on the product to the point where it becomes noticeable. There is a guy I used to work with who wore a concealer for his hair, people used to joke about it.

The problem is what ever solution there is to combat hair loss at the moment, it'll be a long term commitment!

06-13-2010, 10:26 AM
Well, I guess I was in a good mood on that day.

I am going to go back on my awesome review and just say it is "ok".

It depends on a lot of things though. I think if you have diffuse thinning it can definitely help big time. I am not really a diffuse thinner at all. I like how to somewhat thickens the hair. But I hate the fact that it makes my hair sticky and "hard" and it can look somewhat chawky. It's decent though. I have not yet mastered how to apply it though. It's almost impossible to get on your hair without making the applicator wet. And when you do it wet it definitely gives that weird look. I use medium brown.

I do however think that this product is awesome for anyone with diffuse thinning or very dark hair. It will work great on those. I have applied it about 3 times thus far. 1/3 times I was really happy with it. The other times it was definitely ok and dus thicken the hair but I found it somewhat annoying to wear. If I wanted to check my hair like I usually do or if I wanted to apply other topicals it gets in the way obviously and stuff like that.

Definitely a hassle. But It does blend in really well on the scalp I can tell you that.

I am going to try to figure out a smarter way to apply it. I still think it is a great product and everyone should at least try it. I am thinking about getting the darker brown just to see how it will make my hair look. If I stand under a light my hair has NO shine with dermmatch. It looks a bit weird(only if you apply it wet and a lot though). But I don't see any other really effective way of doing it.

Overall good product though. I need to get better at applying it. It definitely thickens hair and can help conceal diffuse loss(I only have frontal recession).