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04-22-2010, 06:15 PM
Dr. Lee also offers this product.

I want an aggressive regimen so I think adding this is a good idea. I have read only a little bit about it but I think it is worth starting a thread about.

I am curious what you guys think about it.

I plan on buying it from minoxidil.com

I also plan on getting Minoxidil 15% from there and apply it mostly to my temple areas. I want a very, very aggressive regimen for my temples as I have read that it is very hard to maintain/regrow that area. This is why I want to tackle it well at first and perhaps recover some lost ground.

I read some good things about Spironolactone Lotion 5%. Here is a little FAQ extract from the site:

Q. What does spironolactone have to do with treating male pattern baldness?
A. There are three distinct benefits of topical spironolactone in its use as a treatment for MPB. (1). Spironolactone significantly reduces the amount of DHT in the scalp by inhibiting the conversion of precursor steroids to DHT. (2). Spironolactone reduces DHT in the scalp by converting localized testosterone into estrogen, which is thought to be protective of the hair follicles. (3). Spironolactone blocks the follicular androgen receptor sites, thereby rendering any residual or circulating DHT harmless to the hair follicles.


I can't really afford all this crap I am buying...but I am really desperate. I think I could make this stuff last. Use it only on the temples etc. I am fairly certain that finasteride will improve my crown area or at least there is a good chance of it. The temples I am not so sure of. I have to get out a lot of guns.

Anyone have any input?

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04-23-2010, 02:33 PM
haha, i read it does smell bad. I don't care lol.

I did buy 2 bottles of 15% ******* plus. Going to use it a lot, see if I get anything from it.

I will use this spiro stuff on SOME days when its late at night and i can just apply ti to my temples etc.