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12-01-2008, 07:50 PM
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12-07-2008, 05:37 PM
I started to suddenly lose my hair in Central Asia, summer 2007, after arriving there 6 months earlier. I returned home to USA in March, 2008. All bloods and hormone levels are normal for female 50+...thyroid nodules benign, thyroid levels normal. Endocrinologist, dermatologist are not concerned or offering treatment or answers, except steroid therapy and ? stress reduction? Scalp biopsy has not been done and I am not on any meds.

I had Hepatitis B&C vaccine in the summer, 2006, before going, as well as vaccines for Cholera, Pneumonia, Typhoid. The heavy metals (lead, mercury), posr-Soviet nuclear radiation, water pollution, potable water disinfection, lack of hygiene and garbage disposal, nasty bugs, air pollution including > 1000 (?measured in mcg/dL?)formaldehyde, etc. may be enviornmental .. It is now 9 months since returning home and hair loss is continuing, so much so that a blonde newborn has more than I do.

Seems that if it is stress/ ecology/ pollution related, hair loss should have stopped as I returned to US 9 months ago. However, the thinning is persisting and you can now see my scalp through the hair at the hairline. Need advice and referral in NYC-NJ metro area. Thank you.