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You mean Dutasteride?

I have heard dutasteride is linking to even more shedding than finasteride in the initial stages. I think it is definitely a possibility that you could experience mild to severe shedding once you switch. Although, seeing as though you were already using a DHT blocker it might not be as bad as someone just starting on it from day 1. This is just random thought, not based on anything by the way.

I am not currently using any drugs. But my finasteride will be here next month, or so I hope.

If finasteride did not provide you with sufficient results then I think dutasteride is probably not a bad idea.

You are only a norwood 2! I don't think switching is the greatest idea if your a norwood 2 man. I really think if you can maintain norwood 2 with finasteride then you should just keep it at that. Keep dutasteride for the future when finasteride loses its effectiveness rather than use it now.

I highly doubt dutasteride will make you go into norwood 1. I highly doubt this.

Good luck though and let us know what you decide to do and what happens.

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I used finasteride for 5 years with good results. I started at age 26, a few months after I noticed thinning in the crown and temple regions. The finasteride thickened up the crown and dramatically slowed the recession in the temples. I remained a Norwood 2/3 during this time period.

Unfortunately, my genetic propensity to bald overwhelmed the finasteride at the 5 year mark, and my hair began to--quite literally--melt off my head from front to back in a Norwood 5 or 6 pattern. I desperately tried increasing the dose of finasteride but it had no effect.

My only chance to save my hair at that time was to switch over to dutasteride ASAP. I quickly got hold of some dutasteride (Dr. Reddy's Dutas), and within a month or two my hair had re-thickened back to the way it was before the finasteride lost its effectiveness. This was quite a miracle given how fast things had been deteriorating for me. After I started on the dutas, I noticed some chest tightness for about a week, but since then I haven't had any noticeable physical symptoms.

I have been on dutasteride for 3.5 years, and now it too is starting to lose its effectiveness. The same region of hair that began to melt off when I was on the finasteride is noticeably more more miniaturized now (April 2010) than it was just a few months ago.

I'm glad that I was able to get 8.5 years of use from finasteride/dutasteride, though these were by no means stress-free years (I was always worried about if/when the medications would wear off). Now that I've reached that point, I'm not sure what I'll do since there are no more miracle treatments available.

04-20-2010, 09:49 PM
I have been on 1.25mg of Finasteride for about a year, and I am thinking about switching to .5mg of Durastride.

From what I have read, it works better, but I just dont want to experience any shed from switching. I dont think that can happen, but I def dont want to risk it.

I am a norwood 2. Does anyone that is on Dura recommend the switch??

I switched to Dutasteride last year and I had a terrible shed.

I added Fluridil to the mix and the shedding stopped.

I highly recommend adding Fluridil. It also alot easier to apply than minoxidil.

04-20-2010, 10:16 PM
mhh, yeah. I think both other posters here can benefit from using Fluridil.

BTW headshake. Unlike finasteride, dutasteride actually works a little better when you increase the dosage...not that I think this is a good idea....just curious if you tried it? Good that you got 8.5 years though. Fluridil might help you get a few more years. Have you tried rogaine?

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Hey man, no problem.

I am no expert in this field...I am only trying to help man. Trying to help you and myself.

I have been reading about this stuff for months now. I started reading a lot about everything this past month though. Not that I know anything at all, whatsoever.

I just recommended fluridil since I have read the clinical trials online and have seen a lot of users post about it on bulletin boards such as this recommending it. It does seem to work.

I just got my finasteride today, and I will RUN to the bathroom and pop that first pill to help me feel less anxious about my hairloss ! :) I am sooo glad it came in the mail man....so glad.

The only reason I use 2% minoxidil is because I can't get any 5% or better here :(... I have been buying online from different places but nothing has arrived yet, probably because liquids aren't allowed to be imported really. Although my order from minoxidil.com did get here which is nice. I have 400 pills coming from 4rx.com too.

I am definitely inexperienced but I have read a lot...because I care a lot about my hair loss and about others with their hair loss.

What I say comes from the questions I have asked others and the answers they have given me and other people who ask them these types of questions. I also read the clinical trials on all stuff I plan on using to make sure it is effective...unlike the Hairmax LaserComb. But also, clinical trials is nothing compared to user reviews. I agree.

Anyway man good luck. I am just trying to help.

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15% minoxidil!

I have always wanted to try that! Since my shipment of shampoo + finasteride did arrive from him I will definitely buy some from him. But I don't know if starting out with 15% is a good idea. I doubt it. Perhaps I will start with 5% or 12.5% lol

But I have rogaine still on the way from other sites so I will see if it gets here.

PLEASE let me know how the ******* goes for you, I am VERY curious about that.

BTW I have emailed him a bunch of times and he has not yet resonded a single time. I used the email addresses on his website... :(. But yeah, he has a great website.

I finally got finasteride in my system... I feel so relieved now... finally doing something.

BTW I did buy dutasteride with my finasteride from 4rx I plan on MAYBE adding dutasteride once I have been on finasteride for a few months without sides...or something. I think it is a good idea since dutasteride blocks out other types of DHT levels, and for a very long period of time also. Maybe I wil take 1 pill a week or something crazy like that I dunno. like 6 finasteride 1 dutasteride lol. And then maybe progress into it. No idea... but I want the big guns, your right!

I am probably going to order some ******* tonight.

04-21-2010, 07:36 AM
BTW blackSTAT1K:

The reason I reply so much to threads is.....that it makes me feel better about my hair loss.... I feel I am doing something being on here...I feel it will help me somehow. I hope it will also.

I hope that I can just get rid of this problem. Thats why I post here. I keep myself and my mind positive and busy...

Feels like a relief when I post... as if I am doing something about my hair loss you know.

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I have no idea how to PM on this site lol

You hair looks good btw... you are a little paranoid :P But yeah keeping it that way is good

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He said 80% of his receding hairline.

Perhaps he meant 80% of the receding part got better. I believe that is what he meant. Otherwise his post would be quite weird lol.

I would kill to have my receding hair line back. Tell me who, I'll do it.