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11-28-2016, 08:59 PM
Iíve been reading posts here for the last few years as my hairline continued to recede and have found it super informative. I have a surgery scheduled with a reputable IAHRS doctor (thanks in large part to this forum). Iím 32, and Iím scheduled for 1600 grafts FUE, not to lower the forelock at all, but to increase density and fill in the sides to connect with rest of the hairline. (The planned outline is attached.)

Iím scheduled for surgery next month. I had it planned for a year ago, but got cold feet and put it on hold. Itís still think about it almost every day, and though Iím not completely unhappy with my current hair, Iím thinking of this as a nip-it-in-the-bud-type approach with the expectation the entire forelock will be gone in the coming years. If Iím honestly not a great candidate Iíd love to hear that, but everything I see suggests this is a lower-risk operation as far as getting a natural-looking result.


1. Are there any unforeseen downsides I should be prepared for, given my particular circumstances?

2. Due to side effects, I canít tale Finasteride or Minoxidil in perpetuity. I will take it immediately after the surgery to help the procedure, but I will stop eventually. Will that be an issue?

3. I donít seem to have any noticeable loss aside from the hairline. Is there any way to perume Iíll only need one procedure? I know you say I should be prepared for a lifetime of work, but still.

4. Also, if I am unhappy with the results and decide to buzz my hair short, which is the shortest setting where the FUE scars wonít show? 1 or a 2 or what? My donor area is apparently very good, so I donít think it should be too thin.

5. Is there a most common complaint from people who donít like their result? Just curious.

Thanks in advance.

11-28-2016, 09:25 PM