View Full Version : Dr. True patient - 2022 FUT

04-14-2010, 06:13 AM
This patient recently sent us his before and after pic. I thought I would share them with you as well as this email "blurb" about his experience:

(Everything is going great. I continue to be thrilled by my choice to enlist Dr. True and his services. Having had the procedure at 26, I am now 28 and look like a youthful handsome capable 28, as opposed to looking 40. Choosing to have the procedure at an early stage in my impending baldness has given me back my youth. As well, I am so happy the Dr. convinced me to start on Propecia to maintain my apperance. There is really nothing I can say to explain how dramatically this physical change has affected the framing of my face, and the extent to which women my own age have found me attractive. The confidence boost in never having to worry whether "she thinks I look like an old man" has been priceless.
Young men like myself should know they arent stuck with the cruel hand nature may have dealt them with respect to hair loss!)

I hope to update this post with in office photos at some stage.