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10-31-2016, 08:23 AM

Sorry, this is repeated thread, i put it in wrong place
Hair transplant reversal

I know i talked about that before and maybe million times,

I need your opinions

I m still waiting to have the chance to start removing the hair,

I m now 15 months and the reasons that makes me choose this path are:

- The skin is so disturbed even i have hair now, but the skin does not look right always is bring attention people when there is powerfull lighting (persist redness, small irrigularities, bumps or depression under skin, dirty look) but no big scars

- There is always pain sensation, burnening sensation or pin and needle, that drives me crazy for 15 months i cannot go out or do any phyiscal activity without feeling pain on my receipient area, it restricts mylife and ruin it totally, i live in prison always indoors, i tried many meds and asked many dermatologists no solutions so far, most probably the pain is related to the nerves that are linked to hair follicles, or there is tough pressures on the scalp nerves at time of move or walk ( when i m home, there is no pain at all, once i m outside, the scalp start swallow and pain start after 30 minutes)

- i m nw6 now and have hairline of nw0 without temple points, if i continue the hair transplants i need minimum 10 k grafts to look ok assuming no further baldness also ( the original doctor put most of the hair on the hairline so it will give in front the illusion of hair, but it is Comb over and wheb the hair is wet ot there is wind, it will look ridicilus, also i cannot cut my hair short due to the hair destribution and the shape of hairline)

- The transplant hair does not look natural as the hair shaft are so thick for hairline and there are some multiple grafts there

Methods that i found to remove the hair are
- laser
- electrolysis
- fue punch out

I m choosing fue punch out as it might give more chance for smoother skin and the hair can be reused get it back to donor area to cover the white dots

I m thinking to try small spot at least to raise the hairline from temple side and then watch what it will be happen and how the healing will be, there is like small ridging anyway at the hairline that should be removed

Doctors that i believe they can help me in these are belgium doctors, so i will travel there to make some real consultations and maybe start doing something

After checking other cases, there was no much scarring after removal and even for the pluggy ones, mine are so small ( even smaller than acne level) so maybe using, 0.7 mm will not leave anything or even laser can be ok

My target: enhance the skin, retrieve the normal feeling, so i can go out or do sport without feeling pain and rid off of this hairline and have nw5 or 6 look ( thinnnig hair and not perfect hairline) So i can cut my hair short

I m still consulting with local doctors, most of them are againt removals as they do not know how the skin will react might be ok and might not

Belgium doctors they did such cases before and they were able to retrieve 80% at least of the original status, of couse each case is different

My scalp status now is 70% comparing to normal scalp, so after removal, there is a chance of better enhancement

If everything goes well, i might need 2 sessions to remove most of the multiple grafts and i might need a resurfacing session for the skin and may not

Some people said, i should have another sugery and it will be fine, but how? I might end up worse ot maybe i will be ok for 3 or 5 years and then the same cycle repeat again, also any other surgery will make the donor area more thin, at least the current situation there no thinnig yet and the hair look thick in donor area

Also i m still against because of the skin status, i cannot compromise the healthy skin aanymore for hair,

i wish if i know this trade off before doing the hair transplant, but most of the peope that i asked before, they told me there will be nothing on receipient area and i listen to them and i end up with ugly scalp and artifical hairline

I wish if i can feel normal again and remove this from my life