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Dr. Lindsey
10-17-2016, 05:53 AM
This guy is my age, stopped in last week for a 6 month check. And what a great day for him to come....As I've posted lots of times...on average you start growing about 4.5-5 months and peak at 13... Well the day this fellow showed up, we had a guy way behind schedule...who of course wonders if things will ever grow, and then this guy shows up looking pretty well done (although I suspect he still has 30% more to grow). Why the difference? No idea. Both guys were done by me, same staff, virtually the same case... and of the 2...the slow growing guy had "better hair....meaning fatter roots). Fortunately almost everyone...note I'm saying ALMOST everyone, does grow and grow well, if they are operated on by a reputable team with a good track record.

Now unfortunately, with the advent of "profit center" mentality and rent a tech FUE systems...that is becoming less the standard. So guys..do your research BEFORE you have surgery.

But this guy is growing great and we'll get him back in the spring for a final pic. And down the road we may see his crown.

Listen to the video...his girlfriend has not figured out that he had a HT. Now that is a good case if I say so myself!

Dr. Lindsey

The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2MrVWLD3s9o