View Full Version : 16 year old - Am i balding or just a silly hairline? (PICS)

10-15-2016, 07:09 PM
So basically my hairline is really odd and im near 100% certain it's receeding
It has like a NW2 look
I noticed this near the end of 2015 as i would dye my hair quite frequently.
I have since stopped dying my hair and my natural colour is coming out. My roots are a very very light blonde so it's sort of hard to see where my hair line starts because my roots and scalp blend in haha.
Anyway, i have a big forehead which i'm really anxious about but my dad has a big forehead too however he still has a full head of hair (he's 49). Im 17 in january.

Please bare in mind the left side of my head is shaved at a 2 so it may make one so look lesser than the other :)

Pictures : https://postimg.org/gallery/om4el8rw/6095d20f/

10-16-2016, 01:18 AM
No you're not balding right now, and either way you're too young to be doing anything about it. You're in high school. Don't make the same mistake so many of us have made and start obsessing over your hair at such a young age. Get good grades, date some cute girls (who by the way would never even think you're losing hair), and enjoy college in a few years. When you're round 19-20, you can consider starting propecia but no earlier than that. Just take the recommend vitamins, you can easily find them (biotin, silica, msn, omega 3, magnesium etc) if you want to be safe. But again, you're 16. Don't waste you're high school years on this forum worrying about your hair. You'll miss the best years of your life.

10-16-2016, 11:36 AM
I wouldn't speculate if you're losing hair or not. I would instead begin treatment in an effort to keep what you do have, which is a very nice head of hair IMO. Go to your doctor asap and ask to be put on a prescription of finesteride, and start using minoxidil.

Your hairline is slightly receding on the side but I wouldn't wait any longer.