View Full Version : 16 Year Old Prescribed Oral Minoxidil (1mg) for Hair Thinning (Australia)

10-14-2016, 11:13 PM
Before I begin my post I would like to apologise for any incoherencies in what I may write, at this stage i'm still a hair loss novice and have a lot to learn. But in short, I think i've been thinning since around the age of 15 my father is a family physician and after a quick look he referred me to a local dermatologist. After a examination of my head my first dermatologist diagnosed me with Androgenic Alopecia and recommending topical minoxidil. My father discouraged this given the reputation of the consulting physician. My father went on to organise a consolation with the leading dermatologist in our area. Upon examination he said I quote " lets not *****foot around with topical minoxidil' and went on to prescribe 1mg oral minoxidil. He also recommended LLT and said I should expect twice the density. Given the well established reputation my father is pushing for this treatment plan. Would a Moderator or well-respected member of the community like to chime in on the situation? I'm willing to post pics if necessary. It may be noted that I suffer from Metabolic Syndrome, one of the presenting symptoms of which being hair loss. Any help would be much appreciated.