View Full Version : 13 Months back on Propecia after being on Generic for 4 months; Losing hair/shedding

10-14-2016, 12:27 AM
This is what happened to me, please if you read this and can add ANYTHING - let me know.

- 5 years on Propecia pretty much kept my hair (or slowed down the hair loss).

- Due to shortage at the Pharmacy and lower cost I (sadly) switched to Generic (Teva Pharms) for 4 months.
After a month I experienced a lot of hair falling.

- After 4 months of the Generic, I switched back to the original Propecia but the hair kept on falling for months.

- Now It's been 13 months since I'm back on the original. I think most of the time I kept losing hair (maybe sometimes it stopped for a bit). But now I still lose hair and you can see the scalp (horseshoe).

So obviously I'm very sad.

My question is:
Do you guys think I can have my hair regrow after 13 months being back on the Original?

If you know from experience of you or other people that you know - please leave a comment.

Thanks in advance,