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10-13-2016, 02:22 AM
Hello guys!

I'm 26 years old guy very worried about my hair.
I tried to keep my hair really short couple of years ago and I look terrible, I need my hair! I have a very young face, I still look like a kid and I have almost no beard if i'm gonna loose also my hair it's gonna be a disaster for me....

This is my story: couple of months ago I noticed a thinning of my forehead hair so I went to the doctor. He told me that I have andorgenetic alopecia and a seborrheic dermatitis.

Since last month I started using finasteride and minoxidil 2%, hoping that the situation would go better, the doctor told me that I have to wait at least 4 months (I have my nex appointment around december) so he can check if I'm reacting well at finasteride.

I'm worried about four things now:

1) The doctor told me that in 30% of the cases, finasteride is useless because the subject does not have a recpetor or something on a molecular level, in that case there is very little I can do, is that true?

2) I'm not taking anything for my dermatitis, should I?

3) Can my sitation be stabilized or at least contained (picture below)?

4) It's normal that if I scrub my head hard enough I loose that amount of hair or it's my condition? (picture of the sink in the link)

Link for the pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/zw3cwn7xjptwlnf/AABUUxTMlIi7p2OQl3WDQc21a?dl=0

Waiting for suggestions, thanks for the support !