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Dr. Lindsey
10-12-2016, 06:51 AM
Ok guys, here's a case we're seeing all too commonly these days. This fellow alledgedly paid for 3500 FUE's and looks like he has a few hundred grafts that worked. He was supposed to have a frontal hairline and they were going to place enough in his frontal third, without trimming hairs to see the slits...., that he wouldn't have to worry about this area in the future.

Well he has lots of scars, so he did have an FUE, but he has lots of scars with hair growing out of them...meaning they probably transplanted hairs without roots, which obviously won't grow. And he has in the center, lots of donor depletion, probably as that was the easiest area to actually get roots and transplant them. Finally he has very fine hair...much less tolerant of FUE stress than thicker hairs.

In this video, which is long, I go into all of these topics. Although this guy went to Turkey, I admit openly this could happen ANYWHERE...in fact I would guess I'm seeing someone like this about every third week, almost all who have gone to a doctor just getting into hair and who has bought the latest scar free machinery. I think we are now approching 90 strip or mfue repairs of automated fue cases. And since that damages the donor area, and lowers the patient's bank account balance...its best to do all your research up front.

FUE has a place, and in my opinion its for thicker hairs, more limited cases, and guys who have to have an extremely short haircut. I did FUE on my son for those exact reasons and posted his case earlier this year.

The video is: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gw5byxdkxcQ

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA