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10-10-2016, 11:14 PM
I'm 22 male and has been suffering with hair loss since 12 months. Initially I didn't think this to be MPB as none in my family has MPB. But now I've accepted the fact that this is MPB.

Can you guys look at these pics and let me know whether I should start with minoxidil or any other suggested treatment?

Also, I'm suffering with excess dandruff. Any remedy for this will be helpful.

Thanks in Advance

10-14-2016, 11:33 PM
Hey Jay!

Yea, the 5th picture definitely illustrates you're losing.. I started losing at same age as you. About to be 27 in a few days and happy to say I got a hold of the problem.

I'd recommend for now you begin taking Finasteride. I regret not using it sooner, but I was scared of the 5% chance of negative effect. Proud to say I'm part of the 95%. lol Was worth the risk. Also you can start using Toppik once you're not able to comb over. I don't really believe in Rogaine (monoxidil).. Too messy, only sort of effective on crown area which isn't your problem, and useless the moment you slow down on taking (plus loses potency overtime)

Be sure to start researching now though and save up for a surgery one day. Highly recommend FUE. Until then, enjoy life my friend! No one else but you really notices. :)

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