View Full Version : Finasteride only results (5 months) 20 yrs old

10-08-2016, 01:38 PM
Hello all,

I just wanted to share my finasteride journey so far. I started taking fin 1mg daily since the beginning of May. As October rolls around, I am coming up on a rather promising five months. I wanted to clarify that fin is all I use, as I am rather too lazy to apply topicals everyday.

I apologize for the different lighting in each pic, as they were all taken in different locations.

99% of my hairloss was in my hairline/temples.

The first pic shows my baseline, as you can see my hairline and temples receded a good bit.

Second pic was at about 3 months, and loads of hairs were springing along hairline and temples.

Third pic was at five months. Hairline continues to progress and am seeing thicker temple hairs.

I think my age and relatively early start on Fin gave me an advantage when it came to regrowth. Also, I think i am just a really good responder. These results are just within five months, and your not suppose to see visible results untill 6 months.

No sides btw, everything is going good.

Will keep yall updated/let me know what you think.

10-08-2016, 01:52 PM
It's definitely working for you. The good news is Finasteride results are usually permanent, and
don't subside (unlike other medications).

You definitely jumped down to a lower Norwood, You're very close to Norwood zero.


10-08-2016, 07:06 PM
good.. its good new, if this is working for you.. all the best