View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey Female hairline at 1 month check...how to conceal it

Dr. Lindsey
10-05-2016, 06:54 AM
So I recently posted a video about how guys should simply leave their hair longer and comb it over the hair transplant after a few days to conceal the work from others... Well, here is a great example of a lady doing the same thing. Shown are her preop and intraop pics, a relatively poor cleaning picture at a week..despite coming in at day 3 for us to clean...and one month pics with her hair combed forward ( you can't see any evidence of the case ) and pulled back showing grafts have shed and normal expected skin redness, in this irish lady, at a month. That'll fade quickly and in a few weeks will be gone, and a few weeks later she OUGHT to see some hair starting to grow. Hopefully we'll get follow up to post.

Additionally look at her scar at a week and a month. Difficult to see even with her fine hair around it.

Dr. Lindsey