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09-30-2016, 04:12 AM
Well I would just like to start off on saying I'm new here. To be honest I really first noticed my hair thinning at 8th grade. I guess you could say it want noticeable and hair stylist would say it was all in my head. But I always found it hard to style my hair and make it look good. Also the quality of my hair started to suck and became thinner and more brittle with passing time. FF to senior graduation 2013 and its very obvious whats happening overall my whole top of my head is overall thinner and the my hair line is receding. It was then I realized I had to do something. So I went to my doctor and she prescribed finasteride 1.25 daily. After say a year and a half I felt comfortable saying my hair has finally stopped thinning and started to rebuild it self. Around summer 2015 I started undergoing hormone replacement therapy for gender dysphoria I decided to mention this to be honest and not lie about my treatments. Don't hate please I still live as a male. My doctor had me on 5mg of finasteride daily, Estrogen and Spironolactone. And now present being 21 I can still say my hair is still fixing it self. My hairline is honestly getting lower to this day. Like now I have normal M shape hair line. Slowly especially on my temples I see thin black hairs starting to pop up. So now my hair line is taking on more a half circle hair line. And on top of that the top of my hair seem to be getting denser. And the only hair I lose is very thin tapped hair. The kind that I guess means new growth? I never see a thick black hair fallout. Unless it gets caught in something which hurts alot and takes a lot to pull it out.

Anyways now you know about me, the reason why I decided to post on here is that most people who start/ get successful treatments never comeback to forums like these since they don't have problems to discuss. And I feel many men, gay men, transsexuals, and women also deal with these problems. So why not share my story in hopes it can help someone?

Also I included some picks. One were my hair was at its worst and were I was very un happy. 1 were I had bleached long hair. and 2 where I recently cut my hair.

09-30-2016, 04:19 AM
The photos came out flipped. Here are the unflipped ones :)