View Full Version : Harvard Results of Post Finasteride Syndrome Study

09-29-2016, 05:14 PM
Hi Guys

I have been weighing up taking finasteride but have been put off by the stories of sides particularly PFS and have been researching online but found it difficult to find scientific studies on the condition. I found that Harvard initiated a study in 2013 on PFS but I couldnt find results then found link below, looks like the results are in this week and they found -
We found no evidence of androgen deficiency, decreased peripheral androgen action, or persistent peripheral inhibition of SRD5A in men with persistent sexual symptoms after finasteride use. Symptomatic finasteride-users revealed depressed mood and fMRI findings consistent with those observed in depression. Link below


What are your thoughts on this? I cant be sure if this is from the 2013 study but very interesting results if it is.