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My suggestion is to take propecia and get rid of the speculations. We are talking about $40 a month to keep your hair.

I would pay thousands a month if it was possible to do that ...


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Sorry I live in Sweden and I guess it's cheaper here. But still, $80 is nothing compared to having no hair.

I say try propecia and give it at least 6 months and you will notice a difference.

I have been on it now for 5 months and the shedding is just starting to subside and No side effects so far.

Good luck!


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I can't claim to be privy to the manufacturing process, but it seems likely to me that the mixture (of the drug itself and the filler) is made in large quantities which are then formed into individual pills. If the drug is unevenly distributed within each pill then I would think that the entire batch would be uneven too, leading to some pills which don't contain any active ingredient at all, and others which are pure.

Doesn't that make sense?

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^I've never heard good things about the lasercomb, also even their own studies suggest it doesn't work at all.

I always thought that slicing a pill in 4 pieces or something like that was a bit sketchy myself too..but even then i doubt it makes much difference at all man, since Spencer Kobren takes the 5mg pill every other day or whatever.

Prob still better to take it routinely 1mg or 1.25 or w/e

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So i go to my doctor today, Dermatologist...(I dont really know of any Hair doctors in Orlando, FL)

Now, i started my hair regiment with the help of Dr. Lee and i havent really been to another doctor to discuss it.

Anyways, I tell my doc that I am on finastride 1.25mg a day, breaking the 5mg pill into 1/4th. She proceeds to tell me this is INSANE. That not all medicine (especially generic) is mixed proportionately across the pill. That sometimes if you break the pill into 1/4th, 14th might contain 5mg of the actual medicine, leaving the other 3 pieces just as filler for the actual pill.

She also said on Finastride, after two days of not taking the medicine, you begin to shed...and if the pill is not the correct mg each time this could really take a hit on your hairline.

Now...this sounded insane to me at first, but I didn't some research and it actually makes sense. There is no real way to determine how much is in the actual slice of pill.

Orrrr this could all be a gimmick to get me on Propecia...i have no idea. I just wanted to get everyone opinion. I have never tried Propecia, i have only taken Finastride.

Any thoughts??

I don't think that your doctor is insane, just misinformed or stupid. Drugs are manufactured by mixing the active ingredients with the inactive ingredients, filler etc and then poured into molds before being coated. Each pill manufactured has to contain the same exact dose of the medication. How would they be able to measure that dose unless it was by volume? Unless the formula is completely uniform they could not manufacture millions of pills per week.

Once you are on the pill for a while you can skip a week if you have too and nothing negative will happen. It takes a long time for your DHT levels to get back to the baseline point. Find a new doctor!:)