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09-28-2016, 04:40 AM
Before a surgery, the doctor should explain every detail of how the surgery will go,
what kind of results they should expect and what the patient limitations are in terms of donor sufficiency vs size of the bald area.

It is upon the patient to ask questions and make sure everything is clear before they undertake the surgery. Once the surgery has started there is no turning back, they have to trust the doctor and the entire team to give the best they can.

In this industry I have observed that very good doctors are falling prey of psychologically unsettled patients who have unrealistic expectations from the surgery. If things turn out in the realistic way that is expected, but not what the patient wanted, they threaten the doctor with writing a bad report on the internet and insult them; using it as an excuse to get away with disrespectful behavior. The doctor is then pushed to the corner, trying to clear his name off the bad report that was not even of their doing. This is becoming such a common occurrence and it is not in any way fair at all. I would like us to find a solution for this.

Concerned Observer