View Full Version : how to use finasteride properly

09-27-2016, 04:55 AM
hello im a 29 years old guy with pretty decent hair maybe nw 1.5 who started experiencing real hair loss last year id say . at first i started with indian finasteride since i had no access to propecia but stopped after 4 months of taking a pill each other day i dont know if i was really benefiting but i know that once i stopped my hair receeded more than all the past years combined so i started taking propecia half a pill everyday . now 2 months on propecia im experiencing something of a shedding and only a little decrease in libido id say . id like to know if this is normal and is it true that if i stopp ill lose hair a lot faster than if i started propecia what about taking indian finasteride and not propecia ? the truth is that i live in a country where i cannot have permenant access to propecia so any suggestions ?