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04-07-2010, 10:22 PM
I am 20, my hair is really starting to thin, i have lost a decent amount of my hair line and its thin. I have a bald spot that is starting to form. you can see through slightly bit still hair everywhere in my crown...

I don't think I am a candidate for a hair transplant. But I am curious if it is worth getting PRP done?

How much would this cost? Where can I get it done?

Is it even worth it without a HT?

Thanks for any help.

(I am going to get on finasteride and rogaine soon)

04-08-2010, 12:59 AM
Hi there,
PRP is still early days but its defo worth consulting with a Doc or 2 regarding it. You are young and if your loss is alreay apparent then acting sooner rather than later is advisabale with regards to attempting to prevenet further loss.

Speak also to a Doc about meds such as Rogaine and Propecia /Proscar as these are proven ways to hault loss.

Where are you based?

Dr. Glenn Charles
04-11-2010, 08:03 PM
PRP is an option for you. If it does not get you were you want to be, there will probably still be the opportunity to try a hair transplant at a later date. I have had some promising feedback from a few of my PRP only patients. I have also had a few that did not see a noticeable improvement. Yhe only real risk with PRP is the money. I offer patients to apply money spent on PRP towards a hair transplant procedure if they do not get any results and choose this option.

04-13-2010, 05:13 AM
Ok I am still very very interested. I will probably have to travel to get this done but I really don't mind...

Where can I get more information about PRP and the success rate that it has? I really think PRP + Rogaine + Finasteride HAS to regrow some of my hair... Or at least it has a very high chance of doing so. I want to avoid a hairtransplant but I will definitely consider just fixing my hairline and adding a few hairs at the grown perhaps.

PRP looks very promising. I am really interested in the success rate that it has?

Dr. Charles do you have an email address I can contact you at?

Thanks a lot

04-15-2010, 12:58 PM
When it comes to our appearance, yes it is far worth it to travel.

Dr. Glenn Charles
04-15-2010, 07:00 PM
I will be glad to answer as many of your questions as I can. Send e-mails to drgmc@charleshair.com.