View Full Version : Dr. Lindsey Early growth, 23 year old frontal case

Dr. Lindsey
09-20-2016, 08:10 AM
Here's a 23 year old guy, who came with his mom, for consultation and we agreed on a frontal third case, likely to be followed next year by a second case behind this procedure. I've posted LOTS of threads and several videos on my rationale for young guys' hair transplants...and feel free to review, particularly the videos on my youtube site that deal with this topic. Essentially there are 3 issues. 1. Bring your parents...you'll make a better decision if you involve someone you trust and your decision making matures at 25 or so (took that long for me!) 2. I'm doing a hairline that will look ok at 50, not a hairline that looks like all your 23 year old buddies, which will look goofy in 20 years. 3. you are buying this to last forever...take your time and make the best decision for you for the long term.

So this fellow popped in this week and as usual...wants to know if more growth will come...OF COURSE, its growing faster than I'd expect and is just getting started. He's leaving the country next spring so hopefully we can get him in for final pics...and a second case, if he is ready.

Day of surgery, day 3, day 7, 1 month with scar and 4 month pics are shown.

Dr. Lindsey McLean VA