View Full Version : Dr Steven Gabel Portland/Seattle Beard/Mustache Transplant at 6-months

Steven Gabel, MD
09-20-2016, 03:16 AM
This patient desired to increase the density of the hair in his beard and mustache. He said he was unable to grow significant hair on the cheek area, the sideburns, the chin region, or the top of the mustache. The lower portion of his beard grew well, but the hair was lacking in the upper aspect of his beard. The overall goal of the transplant was to increase the density and fullness of the facial hair in the regions were hair was lacking.

The patient had 1891 follicular unit grafts placed into the beard as shown in the immediate post-operative photographs. For facial hair transplants, Dr. Gabel makes all of the sites, and places 100% of the grafts. The exact positioning, hair direction, and angle that the hairs are placed are absolutely critical for a good result with facial hair transplants. Dr. Gabel has a particular interest in facial hair transplants as he has extensive fellowship training in facial plastic surgery and is board certified in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

The photographs were put together by the patient to show the progression from the preoperative phase, immediately after the procedure, 10 days, and at 6 month. The patient was recently in for his 6-month post-operative visit and his results have been absolutely outstanding. He is extremely happy with the results as he feels the hairs are growing in as he desired, and the results are very natural. The patient will be returning for his 1-year post-operative visit at which time we will post his progress.