View Full Version : An update from a long time finasteride user who stopped for a bit and is using again

09-20-2016, 01:03 AM
Hi, long term occasional lurker/poster here, you can find my previous posts by clicking on my profile.
For anyone who has read my posts you will see that I was always a bit sceptical to whether this stuff works or not.
I started using it at the beginning of my my hair loss so I was very early getting started as I was aware that its easier to stop than to regrow. I used it for about 5 years and to be honest my hair was pretty much the same as when I started 5 years earlier. The reason I was sceptical to its effiacy was that I was shedding so much the whole way through using it. I have always used to pillow/bath test to see how much hair i was losing. As a non balding person the top of your head balds at the same rate as the sides, like when you were a kid. You could yank the hair on the top of your head and no hair would fall out just like you can yank the hair on the side of your head now with no hairloss. Anyway, so the fact that I shedded so much throughout using Finasteride made me think it wasn't working, but every six months when I got my haircut, which I always dreaded, my hair would look the same as it did 6 months before.
Anyway, heres the interesting bit. After 5 years use I had to stop because I was trying for a baby, which is coming in 2 months. For a year my hair stayed the same, this is interesting because most people say 3 months before the shedding starts again. Anyway, I managed a year without any more shedding than before. So after a year I was thinking that maybe my balding had stopped, unfortunately this was not the case. After a year my hair started crazy shedding and it wasn't until another 6 months that I got on the meds. 2 months into the meds my shed has got back to the normal finasterid shed I had whilst on 18 months ago, long live Finasterid.
I know this is a long post but I knew how helpful this forum was when I got cracking 7 years agoish. You wonder whether its the drug company making false positive storys or crazy balding people giving false negative storys etcs. Anyway it was reading through many posts that made my mind up. The overriding factor was that if you dont you'll bald and if you do you might not. And I think the statistics are that only like 1 in 100 men actually do something about it. Basically my advice would be get on it and when your on it dont look at your hair for at least 3 months because you'll worry so much about the extra shed that you will stop. Its also much easier to get hold of than when I started. If your in the UK you can get the real deal online delivered to you door without an embarrasing doctors appointment and it works out at about 15 a month.
Any way, thats my 10 pennys. I hope it helps someone out there who doesn't want to go bald. Good luck!