View Full Version : Trailer/Preview of my visit with Dr. Bernard Arocha and Arocha Hair Restoration

09-18-2016, 12:25 AM
I just got back from my trip to Houston, Texas where I got to spend several days with the team at Arocha Hair Restoration. Long story short, I dig their setup and I think that Dr. Arocha is a very talented doctor. He also happens to have an unending supply of very interesting stories:)

It was great to watch the man in action with FUSS, handheld FUE as well as the ARTAS. In fact, I'll be presenting the first ever 4K Ultra HD and time lapse footage of an ARTAS procedure being performed. I've got 261GB of data to sift through so it will take time but I put together a quick trailer so you can have a preview of what's coming up.