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09-13-2016, 01:10 PM
So I just created my account on here on BTT. so I'm a little unfamiliar with it and also probably need to go create a profile and upload an avatar, etc., but I wanted to get information about Scalp Micropigmentation.

Background: I'm in my late 20's probably NW 2 or 3, receding slowly (front and sides) for the last 10 years. DARK CURLY HAIR I cover this up with concealers, basically a (convincing) comb-over and that hairspray that "freezes" your hair so it doesn't move at all. and dying it helps make the hair look plump for a couple weeks too.
I literally look like a different person before/after I do my daily hair cover-up.


I'm very active in weightlifting and love working out and working up a sweat, but i ALWAYS have to wear a hat.. it's gross. the concealer gets on my hats, and they look really disgusting and black inside after that. and i hate ppl always asking why I wear a hat, or god forbid someone taking it off of me or it falling off. Also, I always have to find reasons to avoid going to the beach, jumping in the pool, going to a water park... i love doing all those things and I cant because of DHT!!!! Plus my spouse is always asking me what's taking so long in the bathroom. -_-

(i'm sure you all have heard this all before but this is the first time i'm articulating/typing/venting about it, and it honestly feels good.)

I don't want to go through the hair transplant route or the hair system (which is where you glue or tape hair to your head..?) No, that's a mess and takes up too much time/money, i don't want to deal with any of that.

So my other option is SMP, this sounds Ideal. Get the procedure done one to 3 times and buzz or shave your head. YOU GET TO PICK YOUR OWN HAIRLINE.

it's just there are so many options now and where i live; South Florida.

There are 3 different clinics within an hour of my place, HIS Hair, Vinci Hair Clinic, (both are in Miami) and another Hair Pigmentation Center in Hollywood, Fl. Another is artistry Concepts on the west coast.

TBH i already went to a consultation with HIS and it really left me not feeling too assured. The guy who I met with, his SMP looked just like a light grey solid tattoo on his head and didn't match the color of his surrounding hair, eyebrows or facial hair. We met outside of the clinic and he was wearing a HAT. (???)

He didn't ask me what i wanted my hairline to look like, he really just showed me a few examples said, "here's the price for a hairline like yours, i'm sure you did your research. the quote is good for 30 days" He was friendly and I'm sure a great guy but I didn't want to walk out of there with my scalp looking like that.

it was really a disheartening feeling, seeing what you thought was a real shot at normalcy, and your first example, is a grey "helmet" on a guy whose real hair was all ginger.

I'm arranging consults with Vinci and Hair Pigmentation Center hopefully this week. I''m going to also do an e-consultation with A.C..

I want to look at all my options before I pull the trigger.

I also wanted to post this so that someone would have an example of the whole experience before, during, after and waaaay after, too.

*********i apologize if i violated any rules of this forum, or if my words seemed overly critical/bashing, not my intention at all***************

Please if you have experience with any of these places' SMP, post. I want to hear first hand accounts of all of these places.

10-15-2016, 12:59 PM
I was thinking strongly about this a number of years ago but then i put it off to watch the market. Glad I did, because of lot of companies went belly up. I also found this on you tube:


I apologize to the moderator if I broke any rules posting this link......

10-16-2016, 02:20 PM
I was considering the SMP route but then I did the hair system a couple months ago and I'm very happy. Yes it is more expensive, but less risky and the results look great. Plus it only takes me a half an hour to replace the tape in the front every 4 days or so and it really does work at least in my case. :) I'm trying to see if there are cheaper hair systems out there because, you are right, the cost can be expensive at first but can be lowered over time...if I find something, I will let you know.