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09-04-2016, 05:10 AM
Dear everyone,

first of all thanks a lot for reading this. I am 24 and have been experiencing MPB since I was 17 or 18, so it has been quite some time. My hair has been getting thinner and more sparse in the frontal half of my head and I am wondering whether this condition could be helped with a hair transplant?

Regarding my situation: I have taken Finasteride for about a year and a half - I think it might have slowed down my loss a bit but I am not certain whether it has made a huge difference. Nonetheless, I will continue taking it. My hair does seem to be quite thin. My problem is that the front of my hair looks very see-through: It's okay at some points in time but it looks terrible in daylight or under an artificial light source. One can definitely see the thinning on the pictures I have added. I want to Keep the hairline I have - it is quite high but I like it that high and I think it would also look okay once I am older.

The main question: Is it possible to transplant deeper into my hairline (maybe 4 cm) to add so much density as to make the hair no longer see-through and for me to be able to spike it up again? I am especially asking this in regards to two concerns: 1. Shockloss: I am aware that it might happen and of course I don't improve the situation if I lose more hair to it than gaining through a transplant. Is my hair still "too dense" to transplant into it? I certainly don't think it is but there may be different opinions. 3: Is it even possible to make a transplant so dense to make it not see-through if spiked up?

Thanks a lot for answering these questions!4843148432

09-04-2016, 07:50 AM
I don't feel your hair is that thin. Even those that don't suffer MPB will have visible scalp area under the sun or in bright artificial light. I do however see why you would want to have the hair thickened. It's good you're taking finasteride as it's should slow down, prevent, or even reverse thinning on the top thus possibly saving you from needing a procedure in that area.

Yes, a transplant would make the frontal thinning less visible. i'm one that believes the hairline is more important than the rest of the scalp as it's usually the first thing people see. Hard to tell without more pics but probably as little as 1500 would fill in that area fairly well. You may need more but can't tell without seeing top and temples. If you try to make it too dense you risk loosing native hair and defeat the purpose. Hopefully if you find a good doc he will be conservative in placing the hairs far enough apart to prevent most shock loss. Keep in mind that if what ever shock loss you do have if any is most likely hair that you would have lost in the next couple of years anyway so the risk of shock loss should not be a reason to not move forward with a procedure. If you're 24 be careful though. You will need to plan for future hairless so make sure you have enough donor hair for future procedures.

09-04-2016, 08:15 AM
Hello GettingThinner!

Richardd1972 gave you very good commonsense advice to you!
(Hey Richard' that was a good and true response to Getting'. Good job Rich'!)

Hey Getting' consider what Rich' said to you.
Your scalp looks relatively good but of course there is minor thinning. It still looks good though.
How is your crown area Getting'?

Rich' was right about the use of Finasteride.
I started seriously losing so much more hair back in 2013.
I decided, after getting good advice and then doing my research on Fin', to start on Finasteride 2013.
After about 3 months, both, my wife and I, started seeing a positive change to my scalp!! Im still using it to this day!
Of course, it does take quite a while for the hairline to show better improvements.
Just do not allow yourself to become worried or stressed about anything.
That can and will cause serious issues to your hairline. Be accepting of how things are for right now.
Improvements can be made in time!!
Start on the vitamin of the B complex, Biotin too!
It is an over-the-counter vitamin that has a long history of helping, to a percentage,
men and women's hair alike!!
Do the research on it.

WHTC Clinic
09-05-2016, 11:12 AM
Have you had a scalp analysis and density check performed? Your hair characteristics may or may not be strong enough to achieve the desired effect.