View Full Version : Is this just a maturing hairline or MPB?

09-01-2016, 04:55 AM
Okay, so it's with a lot of hesitation and insecurity that I talk about this online, so please be nice.

Around 6 months ago I was worried that my hairline was receding, I looked at it often to see if I saw any changes, there were none. And a couple of months after that I went to my GP and he took a look and said it looks like I have very early MPB, which was devastating. You have to understand that, my entire life I've had long hair as long as my chest. It's my pride and joy and I was so upset. I spoke to a few hair clinics and I'm now on Finasteride 1mg daily (about to reach my 3rd month on it, so far no side effects.)

After speaking to my friends and family about it though, they said "Your hair has looked like that for as long as I've known you though." which I dismissed because obviously they see me often so it would be hair for them to tell any changes and I just think they're trying to be nice.

I should mention that the only history that my family has with MPB is some distant relatives on my mother's side, and my father's side have all had thick, lush hair even in their 70s. And that I used to wear my hair in tight buns when I was in the house all day.

I have only a couple of pictures of myself from anything over a couple of years ago, the vertices of my hairline aren't visible in them because obviously my hair is long. My hair has never fallen out at an increased rate, I find them on my arms and shoulders every now and again, but that's always been the case, and there's never been any hairs on my pillows in the morning either. But they places where my hair falls seem to be more or less the same which doesn't mean a lot to me because I can't see it all. I should mention at this point, which I also share with great insecurity is that I've has a diagnosed history with body dismorphic disorder and I really obsess over 'flaws' which apparently aren't visible to anyone else.

So I want to share some images of my hairline at the moment to get other peoples opinions
This is something that's really distressing me. I wish it didn't, I know in the big scheme of things it's such a petty problem but it really affects me. I look to check it in the mirror every day, every opportunity I get to see my reflection when I'm out I glance to see if it's visible, and I dread the thought of it getting worse if it is MPB.

Thanks in advance for all your help and advice


09-04-2016, 12:03 PM
MPB IMO I would start doing something. Oh just saw your on fin already. Not much else you can really do just hope it works