View Full Version : Dr. Arocha Presenting 3200 Grafts, Strip, 13 Months Later

08-31-2016, 09:44 AM
Today we'd like to present a very straightforward case for your review. This mid-forties Caucasian male presented with NW5 androgenic alopecia. The assessment was that he was likely to progress to a NW6 as evidenced by the diffused loss in the "bridge" of his vertex and parietal humps.

Dr. Arocha and the patient discussed the options available and the patient decided on follicular unit strip surgery. Dr. Arocha and the team harvested 3200 follicular units in one procedure with the goal being facial framing and general coverage for the front of the scalp. The majority of the grafts were placed in the frontal 1/3 and then extended into the vertex for proper and natural blending.

The results shown are at 13 months after the procedure.