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08-29-2016, 03:15 PM
Hello all,

I am a 26 y/o getting a hair transplant soon at a good clinic in New Jersey. I have done about 2 years of research on the topic and finally decided to take control of my life and insecurity and get the procedure. I am getting an FUE procedure done and from what I was told will get between 1200-1500 grafts in my hairline (only recessed area). My father and grandfathers all have the same hairline at about NW3 and I am about an NW2.

I had some important questions for the community here (thank you for reading this and answering).

I am active duty military so it is really hard to get any significant amount of time (more than a week) off for the procedure, so the most amount of time that I'm going to be able to get is about 4 days. My hair is also pretty long, especially for military, so it's looking like I'll be able to get the "stealth" donor shave, i.e shaving small strips and covering them post-op with the hair already on my head.

I am not necessarily concerned about my donor area being noticeable, it is the recipient area I am concerned about. I am trying to get the procedure in the most discrete way possible, and I understand that this is probably a slim chance considering I will only have about 4 days of recovery before I have to go back.

I was wondering what the average patient recipient area looks like 3-4 days following the operation. I will not be shaving my donor area either since the grafts are all going in to straighten my hairline and fill my temples in.

For those of you who have gotten procedures done (FUE), how long did it take before you were 100% confident that nobody knew you had gotten anything done, including loved ones even at close proximity?

Thanks for all of the help, and thanks for any guidance.

08-29-2016, 09:09 PM