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Dr. Lindsey
08-29-2016, 08:53 AM
This nice fellow had 2 strip cases done by the same group locally near my office. The strip excision site was too low and he had a poor scar both times. (please review my other recent video discussing scar location and the pros and cons of a second scar or scar excision...I talk a bit about it in this video but that is more in depth on that topic if you are interested)

And this fellow had low density. The only thing that saves him from looking worse is his hairs and skin color match pretty well.

So here's what we do..I know I've put up a few similar videos. But in summary, we get more hair, manipulate it as little as possible and place it as closely to the "already paid for hair" as possible without damaging those roots. With scar tissue, it usually takes a few months longer to get the final result, but we have had great success on these cases.

I do require patients to get trimmed down for a few reasons: 1. So that I can make slits adjacent to those existing hairs 2. To facilitate quick and easy placement 3. To keep other hairs from sticking to the new work and pulling them out.


Dr. Lindsey