View Full Version : Probability of Fin Working on the Hairline/Hairline Corners

08-28-2016, 08:04 AM
I know the fin studies on the crown show 90% effectiveness. However Dr. Rassman on his site mentions that probability of regrowth in the hairline from fin is less than 5%. is this true? Are there any statistically significant studies on fin effects in the hairline? and if so, what's the probability it'll stop/regrow hairloss in this region?

I'm 10 weeks on fin (1 year+ on min) and have lots of vellus hair in my hairline corners (ranging between 3mm to 1.5cm) that I'm hoping will turn terminal. I shed a lot of hairs directly from the hairline about 7 weeks into fin, and I'm terrified they won't come back. After a lot of lurking in forums etc. it seems to me those with hairline recession/corner thinning tend to either see an improvement early on or not at all