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08-27-2016, 05:44 PM
After many researches, I chose Arena med for my hair transplant. I was very impress by their instagram photos, the reputation of their surgeon Serkan Aydin and the service offered by their coordinator who answered all my questions really fast. I most say that I am very disappointed by my experience. I went in Istanbul with one of my good friend from Quebec City who also loses his hair. We arrived at the airport around 12 and one of their employees was their waiting for us. He did not speak a word in English and smoke a lot during the ride to the hotel but we did not mind. The hotel room was small but clean. So far so good. The morning after, we went to the Clinic for our hair transplant. Things went really fast from there. They had a tight schedule a many patients this day and it showed. A guy from their staff (not Serkan), drew my hairline. I had the ďchanceĒ to see it and make him do it again so that I would be please by it but I could clearly feel that he was irritated by my request (wait a minute, Iíll juste live with this hairline for the rest of my life lol). My friend Vincent did not even see the drawing of his hairline and he hates it. Itís too straight for him. He only speaks French and most of the staff barely speaks English so forget about French. It was really hard for him to understand what was going on and clearly, they did not mind. His surgery took 10 hours (4 more than mine). His surgeon was always leaving the room to go smoke cigarettes and he says that he smelled awful. Many times during his surgery, he says that the surgeon and the nurse looked at each other like there was a problem and they did not know what to do. Thatís clearly not reassuring. They say he received 5000 grafts and that everything was okay. From my part, every thing went when until it was time to open de channels. I was so disappointed to see that it was not Serkan. When I ask the nurse why he was not there, she said that he was out of town but that the guy who would do it was very good too. I was pissed off. The difference between a good and a bad hair transplant often is the choice of your surgeon. So anyway, the guy whom I really donít know his background opened my channel and two nurses put the grafts. I asked for has many grafts as possible and they say they transplanted 5200 grafts. While I was waiting for Vincent, I recognised a guy that I saw on Serkanís instagram. His results look amazing on instagram but, in person, I could clearly see many bald spots mostly in the middle area of his head. His hairline was not very dense too. I hope that itís not the case for every one we see on Serkanís instagram. He was not speaking English but from what he said, I understand that he was coming back for another hair transplant. I also saw SerkanÖ He was there for many hours and the nurse clearly lied to me. The days after went okay. A guy from the clinic went to our room to explain us how to shampoo our hair. It was hard to understand him because he only speaks Turkish. On august 1st , 3 days after the surgery the same employee took us back to the airport. He smoke during most of the ride and from what I heard, being in a smoke free environment is important for the first few weeks after the surgery. He also left us 20-25 minutes of walk away from the airport with the sun slowly rising (sun is you worst enemy after a hair transplant) just because he did not want to be stock in the traffic. We arrived 6h30 minutes before our flight which I find pretty early. I found him very unprofessional and careless. A week after the surgery, I had already lost most of the transplanted hair. I hope it is normal but from what I read, you start to shed around week 3 so I am a bit worried. I am now at the one month mark. My skin is still very red and the transplanted hair fell out. I clearly did not receive 5200 grafts. Iíd say I have maximum 3000-3500 grafts. Iím also very disappointed of the repartition of the hair. I have many at the front and back area but nothing in the middle where I am also losing a lot of hair. Normally, 5200 grafts should have easily covered my whole head considering the fact that I still have many hair on my head. Thatís not what I asked for and Iíll probably need another hair transplant or accept it and shave my head. My friend Vincent is not happy of his results too and already plans to see a Surgeon in Canada for his Hairline. I wrote to the clinic yesterday and asked to be refunded at list a part of what we paid but they said that my reasons were not good enough. I really donít recommend this clinic and if I could, I would go back in time and chose another clinic where a true surgeon takes care of the surgery and where they listen to my needs.

08-28-2016, 09:41 AM
Stories like these just give me chills. Even if you do everything right, and pick and choose your surgeon with the GREATEST OF CARE something can still go wrong. This just sounds like a horror story, with obvious troubles and red flags all over the place at a clinic in Turkey. Sorry you had to go through this. At this point you will have to just give it time and see how it looks in a year or so.

11-30-2016, 06:33 PM
To be honest, i have to say that my results after 4 months are great

12-03-2016, 07:25 AM
That is good to hear! Sounds like you got terrible service but a good outcome. If you had had a bad outcome you would have been out of luck.

12-03-2016, 07:35 AM
Do you have any photos for us to see? fun to follow your progress.