View Full Version : Ultra HD 4K Video, When Strip is Better Than FUE, 1535 grafts with PRP/ACell

08-26-2016, 12:11 PM
This is the follow up video to the case we posted a few days ago highlighting a case where strip was indicated as being the better option for a patient. He had already undergone an FUE procedure with a specialist as a different clinic and had 1500 grafts extracted.

Dr. Cooley suggested a strip procedure to get the patient where he wanted to be as it would not further thin his already thinned out donor zone. It is theorized that the donor thinning noted and documented in the video is due to poor extraction planning leading the pattern to be too close and not spread out as is the preferred approach.

Be sure to crank up the resolution in the "settings" button to view on your 4K monitor or 4K TV to see the full details.