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04-04-2010, 03:36 PM
I had a hT 6 years back with poor results it was probably by lack of information that I decide use the strip ht and here I am with no natural hairline and a scar at the back of my head that do not let me short haircuts. At this time I am consider to scar repair procedure and frontal hairline repair.Any advice to pathforward will be appreciated.

Dr. Glenn Charles
04-04-2010, 04:02 PM
There are several new suturing and strip removal techniques available today. This can allow you to take out additional tissue along with the prevoius scar.
The hairline can be restored, add density to areas already transplanted, and do a scar revision all at the same time. I perform these types of cases regularly in my practice. If you already have a strip scar I would recommend 1 revision attempt before you try to place grafts onto the scar. That should only be a last resort.