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08-22-2016, 05:16 AM
Hi all

I think I may be diffuse balding. I notice quite a few hairs come out when I put my hand through my hair.

I've taken some pictures of my wet hair.

Any thoughts appreciated as not sure whether to start fin.


Many thanks

08-22-2016, 05:40 AM
I think you should get on with your life and stop worrying about hair loss. You dont have any.

08-22-2016, 08:19 AM
Hello Tjh1989 and welcome to this great forum, the BTT!

'UK_' gave you VERY GOOD advice and it is true!
(UK_, you responded truthfully and gave him good advice, good job my friend!!)
I see it the same way! You do not have any balding of your hair.
All you have is possibly JUST a maturing of your hairline.
That is a fact of life for all of us at different ages.
You are a very young guy, right?
How old are you now Tjh1989?? If you would like to try improving your hairline, first of all,
DO NOT assume you have any hairloss and do not allow yourself to become worried and stressed out about that or anything else in your life!
Worry and Stress WILL cause issues to your hair as will as to your health, eventually.
Your hair looks GOOD!! (I wish mine looked like yours -lol)
You can start using the over-the-counter vitamin of the B complex, Biotin.
Do the research on it first,,you will find out that it has a long history of improvements, and not just for hair. Just take it like you would regular vitamins....take it but dont continue to focus so much on your hairline. It looks very GOOD!! (just possibly maturing)
Over time, it can and would show improvements to a percentage .
Have a good day Tjh1989 and UK_!!
Where do you live at Tjh1989?
(I live here in the United States)