View Full Version : When FUSS is better than FUE. 1535 Grafts @ Ten Months

08-19-2016, 12:23 PM
FUE has certainly made a huge impact on the hair restoration industry and has really found it's stride over the past few years. Dr. Cooley has been performing FUE on a regular basis since 2010 and it is an invaluable option for our patients. Sometimes patients want to have FUE but may be better candidates for strip instead but this all depends on a multitude of factors. Being very proficient in both methods allows Dr. Cooley to provide either option, or both in some cases, to patients depending on their needs and wishes.

The case below is one case where FUE was requested but FUSS was indicated as being the better option. The patient is in his late thirties and had already undergone one FUE procedure of 1500 grafts with another local clinic one year prior to his visit to us at Hair Center. The grafts from his FUE surgery were not placed into the hairline but were sprinkled throughout the top of his scalp. He felt that while there was an improvement he could not distinguish if his improvement was from the surgery or from his recent use of finasteride.

When the patient came to us he wanted to have another FUE to thicken the frontal zone and to add density to his hairline. He liked the shape of his hairline and Dr. Cooley agreed that it should not be drastically altered so the plan was to move another 1500 grafts (1535 to be exact) to reinforce the frontal zone including the hairline. The result shown is ten months post-op.

Why would FUE not be indicated for such a small procedure? Because the already small FUE procedure he had undergone the previous year drastically thinned his donor zone. We could have moved another 1500 grafts from the rest of his donor area by creating a wide extraction pattern. This would have given us a more homogenous appearance however the potential problems of dealing with another clinic's previous work made FUSS the better choice as the patient was not happy with the idea of thinning his donor zone further.