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08-17-2016, 05:04 AM
Hello everybody my name is Carlos and I have been getting results with the regimen I have started to combat diffuse pattern alopecia (DPA). Much like male pattern baldness (MPB) DPA is also androgentic which is heriditary much like MPB. The only difference is I still have my natural hairline as well as all my hair, however my hair is thin on the top part of my head vertex and crown and thin at the temples. I can spare you how I feel about my thinning hair it could be much worst I am just grateful for the hair that I still have. I finally got tired of hiding my thinning hair mainly the crown and decided to make a commitment and start a regimen to combat and reverse the effects of DHT the main culprit that has caused my hair to thin much like MPB. Although my hair is thin all over the top of my head the DHT that my follicles have suffered has consumed them to the point where you can see my scalp and much like MPB it has taking its toll in my daily life. I finally decided to take hold of my hairloss which meant sacrificing all my hair for the greater good while I get medicated with Finastride to halt my testosterone from converting into DHT which is thinning the top of my hair. I also decided to make a commitment to minoxidil which is more of a hassle than a once a day pill. Minoxidil doses are 1 ml's twice a day applied directly to the scalp to stimulate and reactivate hair follicles so that the thin hair growing out of the existing follicle can thicken in time. I also decided to take a multivitamin supplement to nourish my thinning hair from within. After reading a lot of positive reviews I decided to add Viviscal Professional to my arsenal to combat DHT and completely reverse the ill effects it has caused to my precious hair. I also use Nisim shampoo sulfate free daily and Nizoral 2% shampoo every other day. Back to my story on how I am reversing my hairloss I am here to share before and after pictures of my hair recovering from the effects of DHT. Although I have seen positive results in less than a months time I am pleased to see my hair follicles that have been dormant from constantly being attacked by DHT. Before I started my hairloss regimen I decided to cut my hair down to a sub-zero to make the application of minoxidil a lot less of a hassle as well as give all the hair on my head a second chance to grow thicker and fuller. Not that although I do not suffer from MPB DPA is also very similar to MPB the only difference is that my hair is in the miniaturization process which has basically cause the hair follicles to thin but not to the point where the follicle shrinks and dies which causes scarring that looks like skin on the top of your head. Once your scalp has expecience scarring you can not reverse the thinning process because you have no follicles they have all shrunk and died hair will never grow there again. Where do I fit in on this forum? Well my diffuse pattern alopecia is still a cosmetic issue that I am self conscious about. Although I can hide my thinning hair with hair fibers I feel like it's just a band aid covering up a wound which in my case my head. After making a commitment to get medicated with Finastride I decided to stack it with Minoxidil to achieve better results. I also decided to use Nisim Shampoo and Nizoral shampoo to clean and maintain a nurtrient rich enviroment as well has aid the follicles by nourishing them with vitamins and minerals to promote hair growth from within. Here are some pictures I would like to share I am happy to see positive affects on the drugs and supplements I have been taking religiously and giving hope to anyone that is suffering from MPB or DPA as well as DUPA. Here are the positive results I am seeing from only being 1 month on Finastride Minoxidil Viviscal and Nisim and Nizoral 2% shampoo :cool:

08-17-2016, 04:08 PM
Could you post some pics please?