View Full Version : Is this a bald spot or a cowlick?

08-16-2016, 09:57 AM

Excuse my crazy hair.

08-16-2016, 12:31 PM
Definitely NOT a bald spot Birdnest!!

How old are you now??
Most everyone would start to get a maturing hairline at some point in time in their lives.
More than likely, that is all you have at this point in time !!

Never ALLOW yourself to become worried or stressed out over anything in your life.
Stress, depression and worry can and would cause hairloss problems .

08-16-2016, 01:13 PM
Thank you Artista for replying.

I am 25, 26 next year. My hairline looks about the same it always has. I still have a 4 finger length forhead. Still nice and square. Knock on wood. Though I do have a cowlick at my left temple with hair that does what it wants. That patch looks thin but I've had it my whole life.

08-16-2016, 01:52 PM
Wow, Im glad to read your resent response Birdsnest, thank you!!

Your welcome my friend.
I am using commonsense here. That is very good to know that you are now 25 years old!
Please keep this in mind, that very soon now, your brain will be done growing!
That is not meant as a joke. It is a physical truth.
The last part of your brain to finish growing is the Neocortex !!
When the Neocortex has completed growing, you will be honest FORESIGHT.
You will have the PROPER ability to predict the consequences of your own actions.
Im in my late 50s now so I truly KNOW that reality.
If ever you start to experience hairloss, do NOT allow it to emotionally hurt you.
All things in your live can be fixed and of course you must be accepting of whatever it is.
Again, your hair looks A-OK. Not any balding!! Lucky you!
I began to experience true hairloss back in 2010. By 2013 my hairloss became so much more pronounced!!
I decided to ACCEPT IT for what it was.
I would not allow it to ruin my life and it never did!!
Check out my thread, "Dr. Wesley has begun his 3rd 'Pilofocus' Phase Testing- I was finally involved!"
Let me know what you think..cheers my friend!!

08-16-2016, 02:09 PM
(you will HAVE honest FORESIGHT, not 'be'. LOL)
I didn't check out all of my words here. Silly me--hehe

08-16-2016, 11:29 PM
I appreciate your kind words.

However the OCD in me wanted to take more pics with my hair wet to really get an honest opinion. Hopefully this can be a more accurate judgment of my hair.


I tried to part my hair as best I could in some of the pics. The others I pushed my hair straight down. I used flash to really get a no nonsense picture.

Either I need Propecia or a ticket to a psychiatric hospital cause I'm getting quite obsessive/paranoid.

08-17-2016, 06:14 AM
Hello again Birdsnest (cool name)

I just got done looking at more of the photos you have posted here.
I truly feel that you do NOT have hairloss at this time in your life.
It really looks only like a maturing scalp because you are in your mid-20s now!
I am sure that NO ONE around you has seen a difference in your hairline.
You still have a good head of hair my friend!!
No worries and please do not stay paranoid and obsessive anymore.
There is no need for that Bird' because it looks A-OK!
I dont think that you would need Propecia at this point in time.
What you can do is to start using a vitamin of the B complex called Biotin. It has a long history of helping to improve men and women's hair, skin and nails too.
What you need to do is to not allow yourself to become so focused and concerned about your hairline that really is not looking bad at all. It just seems to be only matured.
You have to be accepting of that not to feel that your hair looks bad..it does not look bad at all my friend!!
Cheers to you...
(Ive been using Biotin for a long time now)

08-18-2016, 12:11 AM
Hey, Artista, I appreciate the time you take to respond to my craziness. But I just have 3 more pics to show. Please bare with me.


This is what the top back of my head looks like when I move the hair towards it's naturally growing direction. I can easily create a part line which reveals scalp. First pic I kind of exaggerated the line by pull the back hair down.

My curly hair really makes dealing with this cowlick or whatever really annoying. 25 years and not one thought crossed my mind about the back of my head until a few weeks ago. Now I'm obsessed and constantly checking/feeling.

08-18-2016, 07:32 AM
Hi again Birdsnest and Im glad that you posted more phtos of your hairline for us all to see!

Bird' your hair truly does looks GOOD. It only seems like you have a matured hairline now, after all, your are in your mid-20s now.
I am sure that NO ONE around you has seen a serious difference in your scalp.
Only you could really see that change. Do not ALLOW it to worry you--no need to because your hair looks good!!
A big percentage of males in their 20s do start to see a maturing hairline.
Also, many guys also would have a cowlick too at various ages.
Your hairline does not show that you are getting bald-not at all.
There is always a possibility that you could later experience hairloss BUT no one can really know for sure at this point in your life.
Acceptance is so important for you and all others. (all things can be fixed)
As I have said before, start using that B complex vitamin called 'Biotin. It is an over-the-counter med'.
Also, maybe you can consider starting on Minoxidil too. Both meds , more than likely, will show a % of improvements for you.
I do not feel that you need to start on Finasteride.
I did start use Fin' back in 2013 because I did have serious hairloss back then.
(not that I allowed it to hurt me, I never would)
Minoxidil has definitely helped my hair... possibly Biotin too.

08-19-2016, 09:21 PM
I truly appreciate your input.

I feel better. I'm just gonna try to forget it about and keep in my mind that everyone has a crown/cowlick/bald looking spot on their head. I'm trying to stop touching and looking at it. And most importantly, stop googling. It seems "is this a cowlick or a bald spot" is quite the popular topic on hair loss forums.

Also, I just noticed I have another gnarly cowlick behind the left side of my hairline. That patch of hair has always been funky. Goes down to my side etc. Hair is weird. 25 years and I didn't give it one second thought about that patch of hair.

I'm just putting it in my head that worst comes to worst, a buzzed head with a beard wouldn't look that bad on me until they discover the cure for baldness before I die.

08-19-2016, 10:23 PM
HI Birdsnest !!

I am ready to go to bed very soon but I did want to respond to your point of view!
I really liked what you had to said here.
Also, you have a good looking head of hair Bird' !
Truthfully speaking, No one around you would really notice that very minor cowlick and your matured hairline.
I am SO GLAD that you are feeling better now!!
I live here in America in Illinois, were do you live my friend?
Again Ill say, start using that B complex vitamin called 'Biotin'.
It will improve your hair, in what percentage I do not know, but it is a positive over-the-counter med to use.
Lets stay connected my friend. Cheers.

08-20-2016, 06:01 AM
Just work up this morning.
Hope your doing OK Birdsnest

09-05-2016, 12:09 AM
Hey Artista, I just had a haircut and thought I'd update how it looks


It seems my cowlick "moved" and this is more my natural part. The cowlick thing seems to also connect with the side part line as well. I don't know what happened in the first batch of pics. I think i was playing with my hair and messed it all up or even artificially created that bald looking spot right in the middle. My hair parts right around that area in different directions.

I've started using Biotin per your recommendation. I'm taking 10,000 MCG.

And also, I think sulfate free shampoo sucks for me. At least the one I tried. Made my hair all dry. and nasty feeling. I've switched to Garnier Fructis sleek and shine and it leaves my hair better despite having sulfate. Not sure what shampoo is recommended by hair experts.