View Full Version : History of FUE - Dr. Ken Anderson performs FUE in 2003 AND in 2016 - HUGE changes

Ken Anderson, MD
08-12-2016, 12:55 PM
Dear Reader,

Hair restoration has come a very long way since I entered the field nearly 15 years ago. Here's a video that compares how I performed FUE back in 2003, and how I perform the procedure today.

Click on this YouTube link here:

In 2003 there were literally no instruments to perform FUE procedures, as we were in the nascent stages of developing the new type of hair restoration surgery. The green instrument that I use in this video in 2003 is nothing more than a disposable 1mm skin biopsy punch, meant for single use only on tiny skin biopsies. I re-purposed the disposable punch as one of the very first FUE instruments in existence. It's amazing how far technology has brought us in 13 short years.

I hope you enjoy this little bit of time travel!

Kind Regards,
Ken Anderson, MD
Anderson Center for Hair
Atlanta, Georgia, USA