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08-12-2016, 08:05 AM
SUMMARY: I have been using rogaine minoxidil foam for 2 years twice a day on my hairline and temples, I want to stop because I see no significant improvement, I do not know if I have alopecia or MPB, I have about an NW2.

Hi guys,

I started using rogaine while I was really young, likely younger than all of you (I was 16) to the advice of 3 different dermatologists. I had some hairline recession and a little top thinning which may have also been caused by abrasive grooming and combing techniques as well as hair product I used (I used ultra shitty axe wax, the worst shit for your hair), but I am not sure if that really caused my hair damage. But I do know that at the time my hairlines condition kept worsening and it became noticeable, especially being around so many NW1's, so I was enthusiastic to start rogaine early and forgo premature balding and restore a solid hairline, so I thought.

I have been using 5% minoxidil foam rogaine brand for almost 2 years now, I started in October 2014. I only apply it to my hairline and temples twice a day, and i'd say ive gone through about 6 or 7 cans since i've started rogaine (that's over the period of 2 years, I don't use a ton of it). I can't say I enjoy it or that recently I have been noticing any significant improvement. When I first started it i'd say for a time I did have some improvement, but that could have been because of the way I cut my hair.
I am not really bald, infact I still have good looking hair and a norwood 2 hairline, maybe even better, maybe even worse, its hard to tell personally. My only real caveat is that I have bad temple recession and thinning around the temples, as well as a little thinning and recession around the front of the hairline. Basically its not as good as it was when I started rogaine, and rogaine didn't really improve my hairline or temple regions, and it is hard to tell if it is maintaining my hairline. I have consulted with many dermatologists before starting and while on rogaine, all of whom see no problem and recommend I continue.

I want to stop using rogaine, because I don't think I actually need it. In fact, I think it may be worsening my condition (I am no expert but I have that gut feeling). I won't actually stop until I consult with my current dermatoligist and another one I like, but I want to hear your opinions and advice.

Have any of you stopped using rogaine, especially after such a long period of time such as how long ive been using rogaine (2 years)? Did you notice any improvement or worsening of your hair loss after using rogaine? Were you using rogaine on your temples and hairline? Would any of you urge me not to stop using rogaine, even if I might not have MPB but just a maturing hairline? Does hair that wouldn't be affected by hair loss become dependent on rogaine, and thus would that hair fall out or weaken if I stopped rogaine? Have any of you used rogaine at a young age or experienced hair loss during your teenage years?

Excuse my poor grammar and spelling, I am at an internet cafe because I am away on vacation. Being at the beach often and using different water to shower has changed the texture of my hair a bit and has made using rogaine more difficult (waiting for it to dry before I go swim, not being able to let my hair down). This all made me think using rogaine has become such a draining and tedious process that its not worth it, and that it locks one in a mentality that they are destined to loose their hair and thus are lacking an aspect of attraction, considering I still have hair that looks aesthetically nice and is filling. Rogaine is making enjoying the hair I still have difficult as you can imagine.

08-12-2016, 08:21 AM
I used Rogaine for about 16 months. Didn't see any improvement. To stop I started cutting down my usage. For about a month I applied only once a day. Then the next month I skipped a day. Then applied twice a week. This week is my 1st week without any use.
I haven't experienced much of a shed. If anything I'm shedding less and my hair feels great!
I would apply all over.