View Full Version : 5.5 months on minoxidil but .... :(

08-12-2016, 12:28 AM
Hi guys , I am on minoxdil since February 27th , I am applying on temple ,front and mid area of my scalp ,I have seen little regrowth on my temples ,but I still shedding plenty of hairs... maybe 80 + hairs , but nowadays I am shedding mostly short and thick hairs. Why I am still facing this shedding although I am on since 5.5 months. should I stop taking it...??? or is it normal to shed that much of hair everyday??? By the way how much hair do u guys shed during a day ?? Pls reply to my thread as sooner as possible , waiting for ur reply guys....

08-15-2016, 08:19 PM
Hey, i know how you feel, but 5.5 months is not that long for hair growth

When I first started minoxidil I also shed a ridiculous amount of hair, so much it
scared me and I quit. Only to restart it a copple months later because I have seen what it can do for some people, (very good results if you are lucky)

However this was not the case for me, nevertheless I kept on using minoxidil.
Added finasteride 1.25mg/daily, but my hair is still pretty thin after being on both
minoxidil and finasteride for a year+

After getting pretty depressed about this I just took the plunge and went all the way dutasteride 3x week + 2.50mg daily fin on days i dont take dut

I also use RU58841 1ml daily, and vichy dercos neogenic daily

I am going in month 3 of this regime and finnally I am making some progress.
I see alot of hairs, there are deffinatly more of them, but they are still thin, and
in some lighning situations it still looks pretty bad.

is it all worth it? I dont know man, if it could get somewhat thicker in the following months I will be pretty happy, if it stays like this I will probbably regret experimenting with hair loss treatments.

The thing is, its really individual, I have seen people do amazingly on minoxidil alone, but if you are like me, it just doesnt work, it even made things worse for me

But im still on it, word of advice, dont switch brands too much, when I tried lipogaine i had somewhat good results at start, changed brands and i just shed shed shed little to no regrowth or thin regrowth.

I am also 2 months back on lipogaine and I am noticing some results in combination with the dut/fin and ru58841 (hard to guage what works now but i just want some decent results)

I will not buy another minoxidil brand, lipogaine is my favorite

I am now in my second year of treating hair loss, and only now I have found a regime that works for me so dont give up yet, but also dont be like me and waste a year or more because you want to give it time to work

if it doesnt work in the first year or 3/4 year, I would change the regime or atleast add finasteride, still losing hair on finasteride? Dut or RU or both are the best options and probbably the last

I hope you find something that works for you man, best of luck!