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08-11-2016, 08:13 PM
Hey Everyone,

I've been a long time lurker and thought it was about time to post/address my receding hairline. I first noticed my hairline was receded at around 17, but could easily cover it up with the rest of my hair. Over the last 5 or so years my hairline has gotten slightly worse, but as you can see I can still cover it up pretty well. Also, for as long as I can remember having receded temples I have had the whispy baby hairs infront of my hairline.

I am not too concerned about my crown cause I have always had a cowlick, which of course looks more dramatic under flash. My temples/frontal loss is what concerns me. My hair is relatively thick for the most part but my receded temples have definitely caused some insecurity. Constantly I am checking and adjusting my hair to cover my temples, whether it is from the wind, working out, or just movement in general. I try and avoid going anywhere windy/breeze (like the beach), or doing anything that gets my hair wet.

In terms of genetics, hair in my family is so-so. On my moms side, my grandfather was completely bald, two of my uncles are norwood 5/6 (so bald), and the other is a norwood 3/4. On my dads side my grandpa's hairloss is unknown to me, my dad's (65 years old) hairloss pattern is similar to mine with deeply recessed temples but good thick hair everywhere else (norwood 3?), and my 5 other uncles all still have hair (some have moderate hair loss, some none).

Now that you have my background, where would you guys recommend I start with addressing my hairloss? Do I have to get a referral from a primary care doctor to a dermatologist or can I just go directly to a dermatologist? Ideally I would like to get a HT within the next 3-5 years, so should I get a consult from a transplant surgeon as well? Sorry for all the questions, I just want to figure out the best way to address it. If you need any more info just ask. I appreciate the help!

***Also to add, my dad's temples receded relatively early (by his 30's) and since his loss has stabilized for the most part. I am hoping and praying for my dad's hairloss pattern

Pictures 1-5: How I wear my hair to cover temples
Pictures 6-10: Pictures of top of head/crown with and without flash
Picture 11: Top of head hair parted
Picture 12-14: View of receded temples from different angles

Follicle Fighter
08-11-2016, 09:07 PM
Hi Jwall12,

I can't believe that you are having the identical situation as mine. I am also 22 and have alright crown hair, but my temple areas are receding significantly. My dad started getting bald in his 30s and that's why I'm quite conscious about my hairline.

Starting this week I have seen some sudden shedding and it got me worried. I am going to a GP in next few days and see what the doctor says. Based on the advice here on forum, I guess we might need to take propecia regularly, as everybody keeps repeating "it's easier to maintain hair than regrow hair."

I doubt a transplant is necessary at this early stage, but you should definitely go seek professional advice, like a doctor to say the least. We can compare notes after I get back from my appointment.

08-11-2016, 09:56 PM
Yeah, I will for sure end up seeing the doc for this. The side effects of propecia are scary, but worth it to keep my hair

Follicle Fighter
08-11-2016, 10:06 PM
The loss of libido may differ between everybody. I just hope the initial shedding, if there's any, won't be recurring. I was really scared from yesterday's sudden shedding.